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Why Email is Known as the Best Social Network

Move Over WhatsApp, Twitter and Instagram

Talk about social networking and the very first name which comes to your mind is Facebook, the father of all social networks. Whether it is WhatsApp, Twitter or Instagram, the raw fact remains that even Facebook relies on email. (You need an email address to log-in to FB). On the other hand, these social networking sites were created to connect people across the globe, but now, the idea is somewhat changed. At present, social networking serves their purpose momentarily and have become a point of distraction and unnecessary show-off.

Staying connected to your near and dear ones is no harm; but only near and dear ones. And on a platform with millions of faces and no foundations, with a pair of wings but no directions, is it even worth to let go yourself? Are these public postcards even worthy?

At this point, emails make a mark. This traditional, easy to refer, extremely fast communication media has ever since remained the first choice of the professional world. Social networking sites serve you with texting, direct messaging, private chats, likes, dislikes, comments and more. Amidst all this, an individual does not even realize that he has become a part of the fake virtual world where no chats are private, there is nothing personal. All this information is brought to you by top casino UK, which houses a fantastic collection of casino games with amazing graphics and themes that can be played round the clock regardless of time and place.


Email is a closed system. There is no 100% privacy, but your messages are still safe through encryption and other security methods as firewalls. There is no question of cyber-crime as no anonymous identity can trouble you with any sort of unacceptable content. Email provides you with your own cyberspace and is less occupied. And email proves to be a superior media, as it can work across many platforms and interfaces without any distractions such as spams.


The best reason to use an email as a social networking site is that it only acquires the proper, unique email address of the recipient or the person you want to search and no other details. In other words, it is convenient enough. Email does not pop-up with hundreds of notifications, ultimately leading the important ones getting lost in the notification flood. Emails, in the long run, turn out to be more interactive and handy.


Social networking sites are designed with highly advanced addictive artificial intelligence techniques, which in no time traps its user, particularly among the peers. The only solution to avoid this addiction is to use an email above all these sites as it is time efficient and can also connect different social media sites and feed them through fancy API’s.


Facebook dominates the social media world as it has an aggregate of about 2.2 billion monthly users across the world (which, no doubt, is a massive number). But email, in contrast, has approximately 3.8 billion active users in a month (estimated by a market research firm), making it the best, the biggest and the least distracting social platform. So, it is high time to hold on to the old and traditional system again.