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Why Everyone is Doing Microsoft Azure Certification Now a Days?

Many big enterprises of today are spending loads to shift to cloud systems. This fact has drastically changed the demand for cloud specialists. Well, it turned out for better for Microsoft Azure. The certification vendor is at the top of the game when it comes to the cloud.

Seeing the rise in the inclination of companies to cloud Microsoft Azure launched a certification that can address this need. The new Azure credential namely “Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals” is the best career path for Developers worldwide.

The certification requires eligible candidates to pass AZ-900 Exam. Don’t worry about the preparation, in this article we are covering everything. From passing the exam to AZ-900 Exam Dumps that best suit your needs.

Furthermore, Microsoft just recently updated the certification to further enhance its sturdiness. Individuals who are serious in making a career with Microsoft Azure would find this credential most fitting.

Why Choose AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals?

You must know Microsoft is the leading Azure-based exam vendor in the whole industry. Though you can start your career as soon as you pass the exam and a good one might I add! However, the exam is also termed as a prerequisite for quite a few certification exams. More information about AZ-900 dumps is available at

This means the path to success just doesn’t end with this certification achieved. If you achieve it you can become more fluent, more superb gradually following the next track. Be it Azure Solution Architect, Azure Administrator, Azure AI engineer, Azure Data Engineer, or Azure DevOps Engineer. All azure related job roles have to be achieved starting from Azure Fundamentals.

So earning this credentials opens up doors to many folds of opportunities. Take the first step to becoming an Azure Expert with Exams4sure AZ-900 Dumps. These Questions Answers will teach how you can achieve success in one attempt!

What is AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals About?

Exam Description:

All Azure Cloud Developers this exam is for you if you are looking to demonstrate your basic knowledge and skills of cloud services provided by Microsoft Azure. The exam is for both technical and non-technical backgrounds. Ones with no technical background are expected to have experience working with cloud-based solutions and services. However, there is no requirement for technical IT experience except what’s General IT knowledge.

While this exam is a crucial first step toward learning cloud services and how they work with Microsoft Azure. The exam is not obligatory for any other Azure-based certification exam. Nonetheless, if you take this exam before pursuing any other Azure exam that’ll be ideal.

As for the test preparation, AZ-900 Exam Dumps and the rest read along with the article you will soon find out everything.

Exam Structure:

AZ-900 Exam is 1 hour long and contains 44 questions that’ll be in different formats. These questions will be scenario-based and may offer multiple options to select from or to select the right answer from the dropdown list available.

This section will test your knowledge of basic concepts. There are no reviews or retries just one click will decide your score. There is also no choice to reattempt the same question either. So, read the question carefully and only when you are 100% sure of your answer click next.

Also, there is only a slight difference in the questions so be sure to read all of it before answering. The best option is practicing from some AZ-900 Sample Questions. These will clear out all your confusion regarding scenario-based questions.

Only reading through text is not enough, you need practical experience. The AZ-900 Exam Practice Questions will definitely work for the best outcome. As for the results, one good thing about Microsoft exams is that you receive a printed sheet right after the exam.

Skills Measured

Following list contains the topics as well as their percentage that’ll be tested in this exam:
• Cloud Concepts (15-20%)
• Core Azure Services (30-35%)
• Security, Privacy, Compliance, and Trust (25-30%)
• Azure Pricing and Support (20-25%)

Note: The content of the exam recently updated on October 23, 2019. The topics given above are for the basic guideline. The changes can be tracked by downloading the document from the official site.

AZ-900 Test Guide to Use for Exam Preparation

Now everything comes down to the exam preparation material. You know what the exam is and you are aiming for it but what about the resources? Which one should you choose? To rid you of this worry here are some suggestions:

Microsoft Learning Platform

Like most of the big certification vendors, Microsoft also provides a free of the cost learning platform. This platform offers everything that you will need to pass the AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals Exam.

A downside to this source is that almost 90% is text-based. However, there has been no compromise on the quality of the material. It goes without saying that the learning platform is also pretty easy to use.

Exams4Sure – AZ-900 Test Practice Questions:

If you combine the Microsoft official resources with extra help from Exams4Sure. You have more chances of nailing that dream score of yours. At least that’s what I would do and it is also what all the other professionals who are suggesting it did.

The AZ-900 Test Questions here are exactly like the real exam. So you get a platform to practice your skills as well as get familiar with your exam format.

Top 3 Tips to Avoid Failure in Exam!

Don’t Only Rely on Taking AZ-900 Practice Tests: relying solely on dumps would be, well dumb. These are sample questions that reflect the exam patterns and concepts and that’s it. You need a little practical appearance before you can actually pass the exam. Having experience would mean you are ready for out of context questions as well if there are any.

Don’t Take Exam Too Lightly: You know the exam is for non-technical individuals and that it covers the fundamentals. That in no way means it any less hard or require any less effort. Taking the exam too lightly comes with heavy consequences. So don’t even think about appearing in an exam without any training.

Set up A Proper Schedule: Preparing for certification exam demands focus. That means you shouldn’t be involved in anything that might result in neglected studies. Set a proper time schedule and stick to it. Weekends are the best option as you won’t have to run for unexpected office meetings.

For my last words, make sure you revise and be relaxed while taking the exam. Don’t let anything worry you and if you are not confident! Click here to get AZ-900 Exam Dumps Questions Answers. All the best for the Exam!