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Why is Soccer the Most Popular Sport in the World?

The world has been overtaken by soccer fever, and while half of humanity watches a game with their hearts in hand, the other will not understand what is so special about this simple game. More questions than answers have accumulated, in particular the most absurd and strange ones, so we have decided to speak right now.

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It is the most accessible game in the world

To play soccer, it is enough to have two legs, two hands, even a court and an object that simulates a ball. No specialized equipment or equipment is needed. Any surface is useful: grass, sand and earth. You also don’t need a large number of players to train, as you do in rugby. The rules of the game are very accessible and understandable for all the spectators of the world. For this very reason, soccer stars can appear anywhere, be it in central Africa or in the slums of India.

Another important fact available from this game: to play soccer you don’t need to have any special parameters, be it height, weight and even speed. But it is essential to have a physical preparation and the ability to think “football”, without exhaustive training and develop those skills. Thus, the height of 170 centimeters did not prevent Lionel Messi from becoming the 4-time holder of the “Golden Ball” and the best scorer for Barcelona and the Argentine national team. In childhood, Messi suffered from a deficiency of growth hormone and the doctors managed to help the young athlete to grow, but, anyway, it is difficult to consider him a tall person.

It is a good method to release emotions

The spirit of rivalry is ingrained in us by nature, and football is a great way to unleash emotions and passions, both for the fans and for the players themselves. And, if 40 or 50 years ago football was to some extent a sublimation of war, today the perception of the game has changed: competitions between countries are practically not associated with politics. The same players from different countries around the world play for the super clubs and for their own teams; the world has become international.

Soccer fans: the craziest, loudest and most emotional. The clash between fans still happens, but the aggressiveness often lingers in the stands and is limited to yelling. Soccer stadiums, it seems, are one of the few places where people in a totally legal way can shed a lot of positive and negative emotions and feelings: yelling, kicking, getting annoyed by the referee’s decisions, the actions of the opposing team or those of his own team. The intensity of passion in stadiums, particularly during big games, is enormous, and this is one of the reasons why people love football.

It is spectacular

You can’t play with your hands in football: maybe that’s why we effusively observe how the players on the field virtuously dominate the ball with the help of just one leg and score incredible goals with their heads? On the other hand, the scores here are not as frequent as, for example, in basketball, which means that every score on goal causes particularly agitated emotions and worries.

Soccer really is a very spectacular game: here many decide the tactics, the attack and the counterattack, each team has its own unique styles of play. Soccer fans know how to get real satisfaction from beautiful passing, driving, or dribbling. At the end of it all, the actions take place in the huge and modern stadiums, in the open air, around an incredible atmosphere and the noise of the fans, remaining indifferent to all this is almost impossible.