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Why is Streaming Taking Over in TV, Games and Casinos?

It is impossible to look at the modern shape of media without taking notice of the world of streaming. From humble beginnings, these services have maintained an upward trajectory for years now, with little sign of slowing down. So, what is it that makes this such a desirable choice over the big three of TV, gaming, and online casinos?


High-speed internet is now standard all over the world and, combined with home computers and mobile devices that are faster than ever before, we have unlocked content in an entirely new way. Older infrastructure offered strict programming timetables not because of greed, after all, but because of necessity.

Modern streaming technology allows us to set our own timetable, not have to worry about the quality of these broadcasts and forget about the pain of rewinding tapes when we were done. Offering much of what is available on traditional networks, and with exclusive content of their own, it’s not difficult to see why Hulu and Netflix have left such a profound impression.


With the recent announcement of Google’s Stadia, we could be about to receive the long-promised potential of game streaming on a level which finally lives up to the hype. The excitement here comes from the fact that this technology allows game streaming onto almost any device, without the need for a bulky or expensive base computer or console.

In effect, this means gamers can enjoy the most modern games anywhere with an internet connection, having to bring nothing with them but a controller and a device capable of hooking into Chrome. While latency and bandwidth is still a concern, more so here than with straight video streaming, improving infrastructure tech will continue to mitigate these issues.

Make no mistake, this type of streaming is the most convenient ever, and its place as a serious gaming threat is a matter of when, not if.

Online Casinos

Not an industry to rest on their laurels, online casinos have been some of the most progressive when it comes to their adoption of new and growing technologies. This was the case when the internet first became properly viable, through its higher rates of adoption, and into the era of smartphone technology.

Now, with mixed reality entering the public consciousness, online casinos have adopted this into their streaming tech, and the results have been hugely popular. In fact, even if a website receives lukewarm reviews, it can still prove popular based on the offering of live casino games.

These games stream live dealers onto a traditional software user-interface, effectively giving players the simplicity and convenience of playing at home, with a realistic physical casino experience. With virtual reality technology soon approaching mass-market viability, who knows just how dominant this could become next.

Variety and Convenience

It is these two components which have helped online streaming rise from alternative to primary choice for many. What is offered today from online streaming simply has not been possible with older technology, and now, with the opportunities this affords, people can get more of what they want when they want, and easier than ever before.