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Why Joey Feste Is Part of Von Miller’s Inner Circle of Trust: An Icon Speaks Out 

The Buffalo Bills’ Von Miller doesn’t always talk much about his deepest thoughts. When he does, he tends to share what he’s learned over the years. In a somewhat rare event, he talked to his teammates about what it really means to stay positive in the midst of adversity. He shared how he learned to stop going over his mistakes again and again, so he could focus on the next play.

He also talked about the need to tighten his inner circle of trust. Having a few core people has done wonders to both simplify his life and improve the quality of his interactions. One of the people that he’s let into that small, golden ring is his financial advisor, Joey Feste. Learn more about Von Miller’s philosophy, his approach to success, and why Feste has been so important to him.

What Makes Von Miller Tick 

Miller is known for his two Super Bowl rings and his amiable personality. Able to get along with practically anyone, he’s a natural at being a part of a group. Now that he’s in Buffalo, he’s become laser-focused on his role in the team. Stepping in on defense, the team has a much better chance of going to the Super Bowl and Miller is thrilled to have the opportunity to help lead the way to victory.

He credits much of his professional turnaround to the mentorship abilities of DeMarcus Ware when he was on the Broncos. After getting in trouble several times for using drugs, Ware was able to step in and really talk to Miller about what success truly means. Miller certainly thought he had the answers about how to handle his money and speak to the media, but he would come to find he didn’t know nearly as much as he thought he did. 

Thanks to Ware’s intervention, Miller began to think more about what he could do to become the best player that he could be. To him, that meant finding the right team to be a part of. After doing his homework, he would prove to Buffalo just how much he wanted to be playing for their side. Once they knew, it didn’t take the general manager long to reach out with an offer.  The Bills had already tried to get Miller several times, but they clinched the deal with a 6-year, $120 million contract. He was guaranteed $45 million at the time of signing, with an additional $51 million total in guarantees. 

Part of what’s made Miller so successful is his talent for diving into deep problems. “Success leaves clues,” said Miller, remarking on why he studies his opponents and his idols. He wants to know what he would do in games he didn’t play in, so he can respond that way on the field when his team needs it most. 

As he gets closer to his mid-30s, he’s careful not to put himself into a box. While some might say he’s over the hill, it’s clear to Miller that he’s anything but. His birth certificate might say one thing, but his mind, body, and spirit say quite another. Everyone, from his fans to his closest friends, is happy to hear that he still thinks his best days are in front of him. 

Managing the Money: Why Miller Trusts Feste

When Von Miller talked about the people he trusted, he listed a handful of people. This included his parents, but also his legal team and agent Joby Branion. He also named Joey Feste, his financial advisor. Feste is a finance professional who’s been in the game for decades, and he’s known for his expertise in strategic growth management. He’s learned how to tackle even the most daunting of tasks in his world because he innately understands how even the largest sums of money can be divided, invested, and tracked to ensure the best outcomes for his clients. This is utterly important to someone like Miller, who has big plans on the horizon.

Miller feels like he can confide in his advisor because Feste takes a very straightforward approach to his job. He works with his son, Joey Feste Jr, to tell clients what they need to know without overwhelming them. While he certainly could try to hide behind jargon and numbers, he lays out the information in a way that helps Miller make more informed decisions about where every penny is going.

Organizing a professional football player’s money isn’t as simple as finding a high-yield savings account. Miller needs to diversify his portfolio, so he has enough for both his expenses and the causes that matter most to him. Joey Feste’s work allows Von Miller to set up foundations like Von’s Vision, a program that helps kids in Denver get access to free eye care in their area. 

The Work of KM Capital Management 

As the Sr. Managing Partner of KM Capital Management, Joey Feste has always gone above and beyond for his clients. His son, Vice President Joey Feste Jr., has also mastered the ropes of what it takes to provide full-spectrum services. He brings a new perspective to the firm, even if he has the same background and training as his entrepreneurial father. 

They set up the kind of business that’s known for its integrity. Wealthy people like Miller are constantly beset by requests from people of every background. Financial firms might reach out to him for any number of reasons, and not all of them might have honest intentions. 

Miller chose Feste because Feste was interested in what he could do for Miller — not the other way around. Feste and his son, Joey Feste Jr., worked on creating a customized journey, one where Miller could meet all of his milestones and then some. Whatever Miller wanted to do when he finally said so long to his professional football career, Feste will do everything he can to make it happen. 

Miller has already put a lot of thought into his professional aspirations aside from football. One of the things that he wants to do is start his own chicken enterprise, and he’s already well on his way to making that happen. His first processing plant should be ready by the end of 2022, and he looks forward to building a brand that he can be proud of. This kind of operation might not have been possible if he hadn’t structured his money properly from the very beginning. Feste is proud that the life he’s built for himself is a pathway to helping his clients achieve their dreams.