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Why Should We Prefer Elevated Dog Bowls to Feed Our Dogs?

Dog bowls are one of the most convenient things to feed our dogs. This is because, if we talk about the traditional method of feeding dogs then, the dogs are fed by just putting their food on a corner or on the ground or a place where they live. But, if we talk about the present age, every dog is fed in the dog bowls as it is more convenient for them and us to feed them like this. The dog bowls have so many varieties n them like elevated, normal, weighted dog bowls, and so on. All these are used for a different breed of dogs.

If we talk about the elevated dog bowls, these are the trending ones as it is very easy for a dog to feed on them. Plus, for the owner also it is very easy to put food in and clean it. Another option is a heated water bowlLet’s discuss some of the benefits of elevated dog bowls.

Better posture

Serving food to your dog, or we can say feeding your dog in the elevated bowl, will make their posture better. This is because, most of the time, we have seen that the dogs feed on the ground and also drink water from a pot or from any deep surface. This will make their posture bad, and it can lead to back problems In your dog. If they feed on the elevated bowls, then the position of their neck and back will be in a correct form, and they will always be healthy.

Comfort in eating

Your dog will feel very comfortable while eating from the elevated bowls. In the past, dogs were eating from the ground and drinking water from pools or from land, which led to problems like arthritis and joint pain. With these bowls, they will feel more comfortable and will not suffer from any of these problems. Besides, these elevated bowls are better for raw dog food such as meat, for cleaning purpose as these bowls do not allow the dogs to create a mess on the floor.

Helps with swallowing

The elevated dog bowls help the dog in swallowing as your dogs will be eating food from the ground and where drinking water from a small utensil earlier. Through this, it is very difficult for the dogs to bend over the food and water and pick it up and then against the gravity upto the esophagus and then into the stomach. That process will become very hard for them. But, with these elevated bowls, they are able to pick the food from a height above the ground, and their esophagus is used so less, which helps them to swallow the food easily.

Slows down the fast eating habits of some dogs

 With these elevated bowls, the habit of some dogs of eating food faster will also get corrected. It is possible as, with the elevated bowls, they have to eat the food from a level which is above the ground, and it will make them slow to eat. There are slow-feeding bowls also, which can be more helpful for your dogs. Some neat and clean dogs use these bowls as they love to eat slowly.

Convenient for you to get the bowl

These bowls are also convenient for us. This is because some aged people have problems like joint pain and arthritis, and they can’t bend and serve the food to their dogs. These elevated bowls are so much convenient for them as they don’t have to bend so much, and they can serve food easily to their dogs. And if you are carrying your dogs outside the house, then a variant of these bowls are there named outdoor dog bowls, which is very easy to carry and is very convenient for you too.

Keeps feeding area clean

Earlier, the dogs were fed as their food was put on the ground, and the water was also served in any utensil. All these things make the feeding area very untidy, and people have to clean it again and again. Some of the dogs make so much mess while eating the food and drinking water and make the feeding area very dirty. These elevated bowls don’t let them do this as if anything will be dropped from their mouth; then it will be dropped in the bowl itself. These bowls will be very helpful in making the feeding area.

Dogs cannot play with them

We have seen that some of the dogs play with their bowls by carrying them in the whole house and roaming around, and some puppies also love to play with bowls which will make the house very dirty. These elevated bowls cannot be carried by your dogs, and they cannot play with them. This is because these bowls are heavy, and some of them are fixed in a stand, so your dog is not able to take them anywhere, and he/she has to eat the food at a particular place.

The bowl stays in one place

The ordinary bowls are small in size, and the dogs play with them and sometimes scoot them with their nose or mouth. But, in the case of elevated bowls, it’s not possible as these bowls are fixed in one place, and the dogs are not able to play with them or scoot them. These stands help the dogs as well as the owner.

Some dogs with medical conditions require it

Some of the dogs with some medical health issues like megaesophagus are not able to feed on the ground or in a normal bowl. For these types of dogs, you need these elevated bowls as it will help them not to bend more and will affect less on their esophagus.


Summing up all this, we can say that the elevated dog bowls are so important for the dogs as it is very convenient for them as well as for us. Some of the benefits of these bowls are discussed above, which are better posture, comfort in eating, helps with swallowing, slows down the fast eating habits of some dogs, convenient for you to get the bowl, keeps feeding area clean, dogs cannot play with them, the bowl stays at one place, and some dogs with medical conditions requires it.