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Wildcard SSL Certificates Are Available at Low Prices

In a matter of minutes, wildcard SSL certificates protect both the primary domain and all of its subdomains. Unlimited server licenses, re-issuance, strong encryption, subdomain security, and more are all supported by our Wildcard Certificate. 

When it comes to protecting subdomains, this cheap wildcard ssl certificate is one of the best. The asterisk (*) in front of your domain (Ex – * in your CSR automatically secures all first-level sub-domains with Wildcard Certificates, saving you both time and money. Up to 70% off the vendor price, you can buy Wildcard SSL.

You can use a wildcard SSL certificate (e.g., * to secure sensitive data on your server when it comes to multiple subdomains under one domain (such as credit card numbers). All of your subdomains can be protected with a single low-cost wildcard SSL certificate from SSLPOINT, which provides high levels of encryption and authentication.

All of these subdomains can be protected by a single wildcard SSL certificate, which only needs to be issued once for all of them. For the first time, all of your subdomains can be protected with SSL encryption.

Purchase or Renew Your Wildcard SSL Certificates

Secure all of your domain’s subdomains with a single certificate by using a Comodo SSL Wildcard certificate. Your certificate will be ready to print within minutes of your purchase, thanks to the fast online issuance. At any time, if you decide to add additional subdomains, they will be covered by the same certificate. Just copy the certificate from the main domain to the subdomain, and you’re good to go.

Benefits and Features

  • Using a single certificate to secure multiple subdomains saves both time and money.
  • In just a few minutes – online. Automated validation eliminates the need for paperwork, faxes, and other time-consuming procedures.
  • 256-bit encryption and 2048-bit digital signatures as standard for SSL security
  • Only one certificate to keep track of instead of a slew of them

Static Site Seal by COMODO

  • A browser recognition rate of 99.9% means that your potential customer pool is maximized.
  • Support via phone, email, and the internet from industry experts
  • Warranty of $250,000 for relying upon parties
  • The policy of unrestricted reissue
  • Strict Requirements for SSL Certificates with Domain Validation
  • Domains With a single certificate, you can encrypt all of your subdomains.

By purchasing a single Wildcard SSL certificate to secure all of your subdomains, rather than purchasing and managing individual SSL Certificates for each subdomain.

What’s the point of Comodo?

With Comodo, you get the best value for your money while still getting top-notch security. Research and development labs are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible to improve online trust and security. Comodo is setting a new bar for online trust, security, and compliance.

SSL certificates from Comodo Wildcard secure an unlimited number of domain subdomains, saving you both time and money. 

Wildcard SSL certs have one major advantage over single domain certificates in that they allow you to secure the connection between your website and the browser of your site visitors. Comodo Wildcard SSL certificates cover all of the subdomains of your primary domain name. The SSL certificate can be installed on as many physical servers as you like with a wildcard certificate because of the certificate’s unlimited server licenses.