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Youtube And Its Impact On The Gaming Industry 

In the 21st century, it is apparent that Youtube influencers as well as Tiktok stars and Instagram influencers have become a huge part of everyday life. But how has this come about and how has it changed gaming and the relationship between brands and businesses as a whole? In this article, we will be showcasing to you how the gaming industry has been changed by a new wave of influencers. 

The Beginning Of Youtube 

Since being registered in 2005, the online platform Youtube has continued to revolutionise the online space and the idea of streaming digital content. The platform designed by Steve Chen, Jawed Karim and Chad Hurley was designed with the idea that people can enjoy sharing their home videos with one another on this application. With the ability for a user to make an account and upload anything that they want, this soon became a hugely popular platform with the beta version of the website receiving an estimated 30,000 visitors per day. 

When it officially launched in December of that year the platform had over two million video views each day. From this success and the number of people using the website google, who had previously launched their own video sharing platform, Google video sort to purchase the company to continue the platform rather than merge the two services. It was this deal for $1.6 billion in stock in November of 2006 that has gone on to birth the Youtube that we know today. 

The Rise Of Youtube Influencers 

As Youtube has evolved and developed its online platform, it has presented several opportunities for creators on the platform to gain huge followings and profit from this. It is this creator program that Generated some of the most popular channels on the platform at this time such as PewDiePie, Logan Paul, KSI and Ryan toys review to name just a few. As a result of such large followings, gamers such as PewDiePie have had several sponsorships deals as well as a huge influence over the gaming industry as a whole.

Youtube And The Gaming Market

As the platform has gained popularity, we have also seen a number of influencers transcend into traditional forms of TV and advertising. With many on the news, TV shows and even adverts, their influence has seen a huge shift in sales for a number of products. The same is to be said for the gaming market. With a huge following online, the gaming influencers can even increase the sales of a particular title and make it popular amongst a generation of people. 

For example, small indie games such as Among Us and Fall Guys ultimate knockout have seen a huge increase in popularity as several other industries rise as a result of people looking for activities that they can partake in at home with their friends. Alongside gaming increasing, there has also been a huge increase in the number of people turning to other forms of online gaming such as online casinos. With the likes of and many other online casinos seeing a huge spike in users over the last year, this and other online multiplayer formats are fast becoming the new norm for those that once had games nights or visits to the casinos with friends.  

The Shift To Influencer Marketing 

As the fan base takes a shift to a more online-based form of entertainment, it is important to note that the marketing of products has also taken a much more modern approach to market their products. With several businesses making the switch to Instagram and other forms of online marketing to get their product out there the use of influencer marketing and sponsored Youtube videos has also taken off. Whether it is an advertisement for a money-saving browser extension or an ad for sports betting and other casino services, this new way of marketing allows for larger audiences to be reached with ease. 

As a result of the shift in audiences and the increase in the number of influencers across all social media platforms, it has forced bigger brands to work on a new marketing tactic for their business for them to meet larger audiences and sell more product. How do you think it will continue to revolutionise the industry?