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YouTube Originals Launches Documentary Series ‘Creator Spotlights’

Episodes Have Begun Streaming

YouTube Originals has begun streaming global documentary series, “Creator Spotlights,” which will feature the stories of YouTube creators who are pushing the boundaries of creative expression, while growing their fanbase in the process. The logline: Through intimate documentary-style episodes or “spotlights,” the series paints portraits of diverse creators as they share how leveraging the power of the global platform can transform lives and communities.

“Creator Spotlights” kicked off with the premiere of Japanese beauty creator Maataso’s spotlight (now streaming) and continued with spotlights of three of the UK’s biggest female creators Yammy, ClickForTaz and Saffron Barker (now streaming). The U.S. based “Creator Spotlights” are set to premiere the week of December 14 and will highlight: Deestroying (December 14), Shalom Blac (December 15), Kristopher London (December 16), and Mr. Kate (December 17). Korea-based “Creator Spotlights” include Paik’s Cuisine (December 18), Korea Grandma, and Saebyuk(February 2021); a second spotlight in Japan will focus on VamYun (January 2021). Additional “Creator Spotlights” from other regions, including Canada and India, are forthcoming and slated to launch in 2021.