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บาคาร่า: The Best Way to Try Your Luck

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บาคาร่าis a very popular game in the casino world. It has a very exciting feeling. You can play the game both online and offline mode. This game has very basic rules. Even if you are a beginner, you can easily learn the rules of this game. The chances of winning in this game are surely greater, making it even more popular. Its origin is not that well known, but it is believed that it was introduced in France from Italy.

What isบาคาร่า?

It is a famous card game. In baccarat, there are two hands, that are player and the banker. The betting process is done between these two. This game is available online also and played on various websites. They give their user the best environment possible. You will get a beautiful screen; it is easy to use and is available in the Thai language also. There are generally three variants of baccarat, the North Americanบาคาร่า, บาคาร่าchemin de fer, and บาคาร่าbanque. In North American one, the cards the player is dealt with have the power to force the moves of each player. This is not the case with the other two. In them, the player has the right to make a choice. The winning odd is always in the favor of the banker.


As already mentioned, it was introduced in France from Italy in the 19th century. At that time, it was Napoleon’s era. During that time, gambling was not legalized so people used to play baccarat in their small private rooms. บาคาร่าbanque is the earliest of all three variants. It has been a very famous three players game since that time. After that Chemin came, it was two players game, as a zero-sum game.

Now, it has widely spread all across the world. In countries like the US, where it has now been legalized, it has been one of the important parts of the economy that came from casinos. According to the stats, in 2013 the amount of revenue was 33.1% which increased to 45.2% in 2014.

How to play?

Now, let me tell you some of the basic rules of บาคาร่า. The rules are similar whether played online or offline. Let us suppose you are playing this game on online mode. You need to find a trusted website where you have to fill in all the details and then you can start playing.

Once you chose to play this game, a screen will appear, the background will give you a very good feel of a live casino. You will like you are playing this game live with other players. There is a unique บาคาร่าcard, if the player is betting on a baccarat card he will be the winner. If the banker bets on the บาคาร่าcard, he will be the winner. If there is a tie, it is to predict the outcome of the tie that is the บาคาร่าbetween player and banker.

The pair of the players is the bet on the baccarat of the player and the same goes for the banker. On the screen, you will be shown the number of pints you are issued based on the card. Let me give you an example, if it is showing 20 players, then those are the players who won 20 times.

Score counting

  • The card is scored from 2 to 9, if you have a card of 1/Q/J/K or 10 then we will count it as 0.
  • There is a natural card, which is when you receive either an 8 or 9 score, from the first two cards.
  • The side has to stay as only natural 9 can defeat natural 8.

Player’s rules:

  • 8 or 9 is a stay (which is natural)
  • 6 or 7 is stay
  • And all the rest are draw

The same is for the banker’s side. The same rules need to be followed by both parties when the first two cards have the total points.

The player can draw a third card if the total points of the first two cards are from 0 to 5.


As of now, you know that you can play this game on online mode also. Here are some of the special features of onlineบาคาร่า, that make it even more addicting.

There is a menu bar at the top, this bar can be used by the player to choose mini บาคาร่าstyle. In this, the player gets the chance to turn their cards one at a time and all the cards are dealt in a way too quickly by the dealers. Another interesting thing about miniบาคาร่าstyle is that the players can even turn over any third cards to be dealt themselves. There is an option called the deal, you have to click on that to turn your card.

In an onlineบาคาร่าgame, it is very well detailed information about what is happening. Like you must be curious sometimes about what do those red and blue lines and circles mean on the baccarat board. Many online websites have answers to that too. These features make it easier for the users to analyze what is happening in the game. 

There is also a statistical board, where the players can easily view the percentage of bankers, players, and tie bets.

The minimum bet that you can make in baccarat is just $5, there is no limit to the maximum bet. You can try your luck as many times as you want.


Let me conclude, บาคาร่าis the most famous casino game. It is quite easy to play as it deals with a minimum of two players. You can increase your chances of winning when playing onlineบาคาร่า, as they provide their users with many bonuses and offers. Even if you are a newcomer, you can learn the simple rules in one go only. If you want to play it easily at home then you should go and register yourself. Because of their simple rules this game has gained popularity not only in Thailand but also in other Asian countries.

I hope this article gave you the best insight possible. Thank you for reading.