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3 Top-Rated Cloud Gaming Services 

If there is one thing that technology has taught us is that nothing is static in the modern world. In gaming, if you think that discs are here to stay, think again. The next technological phase is already here, and it is all in the cloud. Cloud gaming services conveniently stream the latest games on a wide array of smart devices, including PCs, Consoles, smart televisions, android, and iOS devices, among many others! In the comfort of your own home, you can now participate in the most advanced online gaming competitions. This review assesses the credibility of the current top providers of cloud services; Google Stadia, PlayStation Now and Nvidia Geforce but first a bit about what Cloud Gaming is. 

How Cloud Gaming Works

Cloud gaming works in a way similar to Twitch and other live streaming services. The service allows gamers to remotely play games, provided they have a strong internet connection to avoid lagging. The actual gaming consoles remain at the premises of the host. Thereby gamers don’t have to download games or buy powerful machines to play the most complex games in the market. The system works by sending compressed machine output to gamers’ screens and, at the same time, receiving input from the gamers’ controllers. Finally, the game gets updated according to the controls. All these happen in microseconds.

The biggest shortcoming in using this channel is the possible inconsistency of network transmission, which causes lagging, thus disrupting gameplay. While watching videos or live-streaming a live recording, slight lagging might not cause significant disruption. However, pressing a button only to see the game update after a second or more could cause a huge drop in the gaming experience quality. The recent technological advancements have improved internet services, making cloud gaming more reliable.

Below are the three cloud gaming service providers;

Google Stadia

So far, Google has developed the most compelling cloud gaming platform that threatens to beat other elites in the market. Google stadia is the most promising among such platforms, thanks to its smooth play and diverse compatibility. Google stadia supports vast devices, provided you have a 10mbs internet connection or more. Moreover, you only need 30 Mbps internet speed to get a stunning 4k display at 60 fps. Google allows gamers to choose any controllers, provided they are compatible with the platform and games. These include PlayStation and Xbox controllers.

You might not find your favorite PlayStation or Xbox games on the platform initially, but as the platform develops, you can be guaranteed personalized gaming. Some of the most interesting games on the platform include Mortal Kombat 11, Destiny 2, and Red Dead Redemption. Once you purchase a game, you gain permanent ownership and can play anytime on demand. The gaming platform arguably offers the best streamers experience so far.

PlayStation Now

The PlayStations cloud platform is probably the most known in this category. It is relatively easy to get started on its cloud platform. To enjoy PlayStation’s cloud services, you need a PC or PS4 machine. It also helps to invest in a strong internet connection. PlayStation recommends using a 5mbs or more internet speed. You also need to have a PS active account on an active subscription or a free trial. If you are new to the platform, a one-time free trial is always awarded. Even better, when you pay before your trial period ends, PlayStation allows you to complete your free trial before beginning running a meter on your paid subscription.

Apart from consoles and personal computers, other devices can also access the platform as long as they can log in to your official account. If you have a steady internet connection, you can download the official app for quicker access. The platform has over 700 PS4, PS3, and PS2 games, which offers the modern player the much-desired diversity. It also allows gamers to save their progress in case of disruptions. Its charges are budget-friendly also.

Nvidia Geforce

Nvidia Geforce is also a significant player in cloud gaming but perhaps less known to the general public. The company facilitates high-quality video transmission with minimal latency. Geforce Now is capable of transmitting high definition videos at 120Fps, for smooth gameplay. Expect a 1920*1080 resolution, thanks to the high-performance graphics cards.

To get the best experience out of this cloud, you need to download the Geforce Now App for mac and windows. It would be best if you also had a minimum internet speed of 15mbps. You then need to download the specific game launchers of individual games on your shelf. Even better, the system synchronizes with other digital gaming platforms to ensure your progress remains accessible. Moreover, all important setups such as game patching and driver updates are automatically done by the system.

From the digital milestones attained in cloud gaming so far, the ultimate gamer’s experience is indeed on the horizon.