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How Will Cloud Technology Change the Way We Watch TV?

The Major Ways that the Cloud Looks Likely to Change How we Watch TV

When it comes to modern-day advances in technology, it is fair to say that we have seen a lot in recent years. From the Internet of Things making our lives more connected to artificial intelligence helping us to live smarter and shop better, new technology has made a big impact on our lives. One really big jump forward here has been the development and introduction of cloud technology.

For anyone who is new to this idea, cloud technology makes use of the internet to deliver services digitally. Big names within the cloud computing sector have put great efforts into developing this technology for business in the past, but it can also be used in our own daily lives.

The Charles Phillips -led company Infor was one of the real pioneers in this sector with its ability to deploy whole organizations in the cloud. Phillips also introduced an internal creative agency within Infor to help it develop cloud tech in new ways. This has seen it spread outside of business and into other industries such as entertainment.

Can cloud tech really change how we watch TV?

It may seem fanciful to say, but there is a growing trend by TV show makers and broadcasters to move what they are doing to the cloud. In addition, more and more of us now are already using increasingly digital methods to watch TV shows and watch live TV online.

Here are the major ways that the cloud looks likely to change how we watch TV and how it is made as it rises in popularity:

Digital streaming services become the norm – this has already taken place somewhat, with big names such as Netflix having millions of users globally. In fact, recent figures show that Netflix now has 139 million users around the planet! These kinds of online services have and will continue to take over from normal TV channels to give a new way to watch shows.

More choice and more convenience – another change that cloud tech will make to how TV shows are consumed is the almost unlimited choice that online streaming services such as Netflix give. They put you in total control to select what you want to watch at that particular moment. No longer do you have to put up with whatever is on the channels shown by terrestrial broadcasters. It also makes watching TV far more convenient as you simply watch the show you want, when you are free.

Greater ability to watch TV on the go – we’ve all been there, haven’t we? Those boring lunch hours with nothing to do at work or the daily train journey into the office. Cloud technology has helped to change the way that we watch TV in situations like this by enabling mobile viewing. Thanks to integrated cloud technology, you can now choose to watch your favorite TV show wherever you are and with superb picture quality.

Will standard TVs become history? – as well as cloud technology being great for letting you watch TV shows on the go, they also allow you to watch them on a number of different devices. Although this is not happening yet, it could well spell the end for people sitting in front of the traditional TV set. As you can use the technology offered by the cloud to view shows via your tablet or smartphone, there is no longer a need to head to the main TV set to catch up.

Greater individual viewing experience – most families with only one TV set know the arguments and fights that go on over what TV show to watch. If there is more than one show on that different people love at the same time, it can get brutal! Cloud tech used by TV broadcasters and consumers now though will put an end to this. As you can watch your favorite show in any room of the house on a range of devices, there is no need to all congregate in one room to argue over what will be watched on the one TV set in there.

Cloud technology could reduce frustration

Most people can remember days gone by when TV shows were shown once a week and you then had to wait until the next week for another episode. This could get really frustrating, especially if there was a big cliffhanger you wanted to see. Modern cloud advances used within broadcasting eliminate this by allowing you to watch an entire season or box set in one sitting if you like. This means that you do not have to wait to find out what happens next or miss out if you are not around when it would otherwise have been shown.

Watching TV just got more exciting

There is no doubt that we all love to watch TV and catch our favorite shows. The broadcasting sector has started to see a big change in how shows are made now, and this in turn has also led to a change in how we view them. As the above shows, this has been a positive thing as it allows more choice and control for the average consumer.