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4 Cool Gadgets for a Techie Who’s a Homebody

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For a techie homebody who’s happiest at home, finding cool gadgets to add to their collection is what it’s all about! Picking out just the right gift for them is difficult though, as they already probably have so many gizmos already.

To try to help you out, here are 4 cool gadgets that almost any techie will enjoy receiving.

Home Weather Station

A home weather station is not something that they may have ever heard about, but once they do, they’re probably going to be hooked. The ability to take accurate wind, rain and other measurements for themselves beats a weather station that’s several miles away from their home base. An additional outdoor cold-weather camera for your weather station would be great for it can withstand extreme conditions of rain, hail, and snow.

Also, being able to share data as an approved mini weather station is an intriguing idea. Some weather stations can also be hooked up with soil and leaf moisture sensors in the backyard. Take time to figure out which weather station is the right choice based on how technically minded they are.

Noise Canceling Headphones

No techie on their computer enjoys being unnecessarily disturbed. If they share a home with family, friends or housemates, then they will want to block out the noise.

A set of Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones (the 700 model is sleek and interesting) can create white noise to block ambient sounds. It still will allow them to listen to a podcast or take a phone call right from the PC too.

Also, the 700 model links with Google Assistant (Google’s answer to Siri) to ask questions and get useful answers back hands-free. However, if they’re hooked into the Amazon Alexa system, these Bose headphones are compatible there too.

The 20-hour battery life between charges isn’t bad either.

Smart Supercube Puzzle Game

The Smart Supercube Puzzle game is for the true old school geek at heart. If they once got a kick out of the Rubik’s cube, then they’re in for a real treat here.

The Giiker Smart Supercube combines a Rubik’s cube-like physical device with a smartphone app that digitally represents every move they’ll make. It captures their puzzle solving ability as they run through several game modes.

The game modes include the Speed Pixel puzzle, Cube Miner which truly integrates the app with the physical cube, Color Memory to participate in color recall games, and the Cube Crash mode that will appeal to techies wanting to test their reactive speed with the cube.

This product is a great follow up to the Rubik’s cube that now features in the design collection at the MoMA.

Whistle GO Pet Tracker

Whistle GO Pet device is great for a pet owning techie who doesn’t want to lose track of their cat or dog. This neat GPS tracker fits on their pet’s collar and lets their owner know where their pet is located via GPS coordinates.

They’ll be able to track them in real time, receive notification alerts and locate them on Google Maps should they not return when called back.

Hopefully these ideas have solved your problem of what to buy your techie friend for their next birthday. There’s a little something for everyone in this list!