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4 Strategies to Increase YouTube Views According to Jairo Escobar

Everyone starts a YouTube channel with the hope of getting thousands of views and subscribers. But only a few can achieve that feat. Jairo Escobar, a Latino YouTube star, offers a few strategies to up your views on YouTube. 

Escobar started his YouTube channel in 2019. By 2020, he had more than 250,000 subscribers. His popularity grew so much that more Latinos drew inspiration from him and started their own YouTube channels. But how did he get so many subscribers in just two years? Escobar shares the following surefire tips that you can follow to gain more views on YouTube.

1. Write engaging titles

Don’t you remember a unique slogan or catch-line of a product that comes on TV? The same strategy works for YouTube videos. Viewers get excited when they see an individual title. They immediately click on the link to see a few seconds of the video. If they like the video, they will watch it till the end. But it all starts with the curiosity you grow in the audience’s mind with your video’s title. 

Escobar recommends not using clickbait headlines initially. Instead, grow your subscriber list organically by creating titles that appeal to your audience right away.

2. Improve your YouTube SEO

SEO isn’t limited to search engines like Google, Yahoo, Safari, or Bing. You will be surprised to know that YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine. Just like you search Google for any information or products, people use YouTube to search for helpful videos. For example, if you want to learn the paintball rules, you can go to YouTube and search  “what are paintball rules.” This is where your YouTube SEO plays a crucial role. 

According to Escobar, the best YouTube practices include mentioning keywords in your video, writing innovative titles and descriptions, encouraging viewers to like, sharing, and commenting on the video, categorizing your video, and using tags.

3. Customize your thumbnails

This may seem a small thing, but it works like magic to get good views for your YouTube videos. Your video’s title and thumbnail go hand in hand to grab your audience’s attention. Although YouTube takes a screenshot of your video to use as a thumbnail, the image is sometimes blurry. This may not make a good impression on your viewers. Instead, create an appropriate thumbnail to make your videos look more professional. This will tempt your viewers to click on the link immediately.

4. Run a giveaway

You will often notice channels announcing that they will soon conduct a giveaway. Why do they give away gifts? The answer is simple. To keep the audience engaged and hunt to win the giveaway and receive more views on their videos. Escobar suggests that you give gifts that relate to your brand and always follow YouTube’s policies before starting giveaways.

Escobar’s followers are already reaping benefits by following these strategies. You can also improve the number of views on your YouTube channel through these techniques and learning some of your own along the way.