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Benefits of Having High Number of YouTube Subscribers

Every content creator puts his heart, mind and spirit in creating a YouTube video. YouTube subscribers also known to be your target audience are important. This is what we all know but does anyone know why they are so important? Or more specifically what are the advantages of having bulky YouTube subscribers. YouTube subscribers count is not just your vanity metrics (that I will explain below) but these subscriber counts are full of benefits.

In this article I am going to give you answers of following questions:

  1. How does YouTube works?
  2. What are the benefits of high number of YouTube subscriber?

Let’s dig in!!!


February 14, yes February 14, on the love day (Valentine’s Day) of the year, Steve Chen, Chad Hurley came up with the idea that every ordinary person could have fun sharing their “home videos”. Who knew that this very app could take place among the largest social media platform of this multiverse. Well, coming back to the question, app was launched still stepping up on the ladder of success. Thousands of people including you and me upload videos on it on daily basis. But what happens to these videos or what the fate of these videos?


  1. A video file is uploaded; from your smartphone or computer.
  2. You add descriptive information; it can help individuals find your video. You’ll need to add some stuff, like a title, description, and thumbnail, before you click Publish. Such knowledge is referred to as metadata and leads to exploration, so use terms and images that offer an accurate and convincing glimpse of what viewers might expect.

What are YouTube Thumbnails?

Thumbnails are mini versions of images or videos used on YouTube to help identify and locate them or in simpler words; Video thumbnails let viewers see your content in a short snapshot as they scroll YouTube.

  1. Users are watching it; in the context, the YouTube search and discovery algorithm works to match viewers to the videos they are most likely to observe and enjoy. Many variables, such as what else the particular audience has seen, has not seen, liked, hated, etc., go into this.
  2. Fans are coming back for more; they will subscribe to your channel when someone likes a video and share it with their friends and family. Viewers can leave your video feedback and you can write back to them.

Here comes the benefit metrics or monetization, and the answer to our second question lets first learn. Having a lot of YouTube subscribers will give you the opportunity to connect with people who are interested in what you have to say and help establish a community around your content.”

What are vanity metrics?

 Vanity metrics are factors that can be assessed, but do not matter. This includes your likes, comments and your viewer (rarely a vanity metric in preference to subscribers)

What is monetization of a YouTube channel? 

Monetization of your YouTube channel is the way of earning from YouTube. The more users are interested in your videos, the more will be the earning. Monetization or earning depends on following factors:

  • AdSense account: first things first, if you’re thinking of earning through YouTube channel to need to set up your Google AdSense account.
  • Watch time: Watch time is how long the video is watched by viewers. You can look at various Watch Time reports in YouTube Analytics as you post more videos to understand how well specific videos do.

A beginner’s guide: for monetizing your channel you need to have 4000 hours of watch time in a year.

  • Subscribers: subscribers are the ones who have confirmed that they want to see more of your content on your channel and have pressed the Subscribe button. Subscribers are important to your YouTube growth since they appear to spend more time watching your channel than viewers who are not subscribed, and they would be notified when you upload anything new if they have notifications switched on. Subscription is the most crucial part in your monetization. A subscription would definitely get you more watch time and more earning. And another option is to buy YouTube subscribers

A Beginners guide: a fresher who have just made his YouTube channel, he needs to have 1000 subscribers for earning to begin. If your subscribers are lagging behind your views and likes, go to to buy quality subscriptions.

Apart from monetization what the other benefits of having high numbers of subscribers on YouTube:

  • One I have also mentioned is thewatch time”
  • A creator award: 

Should I say in bold letters “A SUBSCRIBER BUTTON”. These buttons are becoming the hereditary asset of gen Z for their predecessors. Youtubers invest their passion and love into their videos, and as they hit Creator Award subscriber benchmarks, YouTube is always privileged to celebrate them.

Categories of creator awards:

  • Silver Creator Award:  for 100K Subscribers on your YouTube channel
  • Gold Creator Award:  for 1 Million Subscribers on your YouTube channel
  • Diamond Creator Award : the last and latest for 10 Million Subscribers on your YouTube channel
  • Subscription can increase your YouTube marketing and business sources:

A survey has shown that 4000 subscribers and 1 million YouTube views were produced by online retailer ModCloth, resulting in more profits, for just a ninth of the expense of their typical Google ads. You can target not just national audience or more specifically customers but YouTube allows you to go beyond the borders of your country and start attracting worldwide audience. A high YouTube subscription count shows the trust your customers have on you. You  can get  reasonable subscriber through . It provides subscriber that can help you gain profitable business approach.


I hope I have answered the questions rightly. Every youtuber is dedicated to his or her videos. Be it 10 years old, a teenager, a parent, a professional or a person running a business brand. YouTube marketing is the only tool that has saved people who lost their jobs in COVID-19. This platform eased the work from home. But in making and composing any YouTube video just make sure that your quality of video is not compromised over the quantity of video.