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6 Tips to Grow Followers on Tik Tok

TIK TOK is the platform of short videos of entertainment. It is the most competitive platform for tiktokers especially looking for followers and TikTok likes. Instagram, Facebook, and other platform are less driven than tiktok. The race of followers is age, gender, race, and color independent. Now, there are content creator who gets millions of view and follower overnight and some TIKTOKERs who try everything but are unable to attract followers.

In this article I am going to share bit-sized 6 tips to grow followers on TIKTIOK


We see what’s pleasing to our eyes. Good lightening makes your idea leave good impact on vision of viewers. Maybe, your beginner’s luck could lead someone follow you for your video editing skills. Typically our brain gets tremendous idea before falling asleep. You don’t need to spend dollars on high quality rim lights but just write down your idea and make a video in soothing morning sunlight. Don’t go with same old filters and effects that billions of people have used, this will lower your content quality. Keep your app updated and use unique and rare effects for editing. Brush on your photography basics. You can use tiktok associated apps and websites:

  • VIZMATO (Android, iOS): Best Video Editor for TikTok
  • HASHTAGS FOR TIKTOK (Web): Hashtags Generator for TikTok

  • TIKTOK LITE (Android): tiktok editor 

  • TOKUPGRADE-for targeting perfect audience for you

Tip- for non editors: a person lacking editing skills can work to buy followers from . Because tiktok is platform where people love to watch your content but are reluctant to follow you, is a bitter reality every beginner tiktoker faces. So at this point you need a push up of followers because 9nce you are in the game of competition you will eventually get supporters.


With the video of less than a minute you can reach millions of viewers on TIKTOK. In order to make your tiktok profile more engaging if your account is not engaging you might get millions of views but followers will not get bought.

How to know your target audiences?

Go to your followers are know what sort people are following you? What are their interests? If you came to tiktok for amusement, your target audiences are among teenagers. Find out there interest like dance videos, challenges, funny videos or life and food hacks. Create content according to their sense and humor.

A pro-Tip; 40 percent tiktok user are between the age 15 to 25, your videos should not forget their interests of this gen Z.


How to find your niche?

If you are already an instagram or Facebook influencer, find out what type of content your instagram family likes the most. And try using that content type in creating your tiktok videos. Don’t change in your niche half way. I repeat don’t change the niche of your videos. This will not only stop your followers but there might be the chance of losing previous followers. Upload your videos in series of content. Upload it daily or weekly or you may decide a specific week day for uploading so that people could wait for your content and notify about tiktok videos through cross platforms and accounts such as on instagram, YouTube, or Facebook and other social media platforms.


In this era of gen Z, everyone not only wants to be product but also wants to gain easy knowledge in less time. Hence proved, tiktok is a great source for that. There was time when people used to love watch dance and funny videos but now the time has quite changed a .40 sec video workout tip, an exercise pose, life hack ,informative facts are more fascinating to people.


Tiktok always works with trends. If you cannot keep pace with the upcoming latest tiktok trends, your chances of finding new followers is zero. You can follow through following tips:

  1. Perform viral tiktok challenge videos; tiktok is viral for its challenge videos (be it dance, fun or workout challenges).50%of people come on tiktok to watch and get part in tiktok challenges. Go to “FOR YOU” icon on the tiktok app to find trending challenges. Avoid copy and pasting in challenges, be real to record your real stand out try reproducing tiktok challenges.
  2. Use as many hashtags as possible; find trend-driven hashtags that leads to your videos. Hashtags has been trending on Facebook and instagram now especially for the business –brands sponsored videos people use hashtags to search on tiktok. Go on the “DISCOVER” bar to find the trendy hashtags. #fyp, and #ForYou, these are essential hashtags to stand-out on “for you” page. Go with the hashtags that sots your niche. Try to add viral hashtags in your captions. Avoid the hashtags that are banned by tiktok.
  3. Use trend-driven music and songs; tiktok users love to watch videos on trendy songs. Music duets are pretty popular these days. Tiktok provides entire library focusing famous songs. Find the trendy one and use it in your videos. Search for top 10 songs of week to find trend in music. Adding your own choreography to popular songs, would get you huge amount of followers

my last tactic to grow on tiktok is for those who are

  • actually creating quality content but are struck at higher viewers count and lokes6
  • Business  Brand owners 
  • Lacking editing skills

I call this section “pay and play” because you can increase your growth by buy quality and trustworthiness followers through .


Don’t give up on your content if you think you someone else is getting more views than you. This will only degrade you. All content creators are great all you need is to be smart and recognize what you are lacking. I hope you enjoyed reading tip for growing tiktok followers. Be creative and follow these tips to get views as well as followers on your tiktok account. Also check out TokUpgrade. Tiktok having around 600 million active monthly users and this app was rewarded the most downloaded app of the year on play stores. Through its worldwide platform you can not only be popular but you can also earn. Work hard and be smart to get healthy and real tiktok followers and subcribers.