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5 Best Tips for Designing a Product Label

Product Labels have been an effective tool in sales and marketing for many years. For some, it might only be a piece of paper with lots of information about an item. But generally, product labels are a company’s branding. It is designed to present your product’s identity attracting most of your target audience in the market. 

While it may seem challenging to create designs and style for your label, there are several ways for you to make and do your scheme. However, take note that there are things that you must follow to ultimately have the best product label for your items. 

Here are some tips for you to start up with creating and designing your product labels. 

Labels for Labels

Before heading everything else, it is essential to know what comprises a product label. Technically, it’s not only a piece of paper with your favorite fonts and styles printed on it. Labels provide the information your customers need to know about your product and company. For instance, here’s what a label should have:

  • The name of your product
  • Logo for your brand
  • Units of measurement (size, quantity & weight)
  • A tagline or a short description

Now, let’s see all these tips. 


Plain label designs are out of the market — well, except for minimalist styles. 

If you aim to attract more customers around, having a decorative and illustrative element will do the magic. You can create your brand through a unique logo that represents your product or company vision. Illustrations on your label are not to point out that your company has a style, but it can help people understand what your product is all about. 

There are lots of template designs available online from which you can draw ideas from. However, this doesn’t mean that you’ll directly copy the whole design. Imitation of any design produced by another artist can cause you to have a copyright infringement case.

Make it Readable

Of course, who would like to read a messy label? If you’re trying to attract customers with your layout and style, better do it in another way. 

Labels with readable content can help your customers understand more of your product. Ensuring that all fonts are accurate to your information can certainly help people to know if the product is safe to use or not. For instance, font size matters a lot in this part. If you have a larger font size, people can easily read what you want to relay, including people with reading glasses. 

Next are the font colors. Designing your labels with a proper color contrast with the background can help you achieve your product’s perfect label. Bright colors are good choices for font colors as they are thought to attract customers to buy. 

What is more, ensuring that you have a clean layout can help your labels become readable to everyone. 

White Spacing

Have you heard the magic of White Spacing? If you’re a minimalist, you’ll surely understand what things are. 

White space can help your product to stand out among the others. It is used to separate information and establish a visual distinction among other products in the market. 

For those who have no clear idea, white space is the area between every design element. Thus, the catch about white space is that it doesn’t have to in white texture and color all the time. This spacing can be in any texture, color, pattern, or background image. 

Now, how is white space effective in your product labels? Well, the answer is simple. It helps your product simply present the label information — like being a minimalist. It lends a design with an open and calming feel that can help attract your audience.

That’s why there’s no wonder why people include having minimalist designs on their list, as it is one of the most excellent examples for simple yet elegant designs to make. 

Typographic Pairing

You may have seen this tip from many sites when it comes to designing your product label, and we’ll repeat it. 

It is relatively essential to consider the typographic pairing in your product label as it can distinguish between one or more things. This factor helps the viewer (or your customers) see that each piece of information is different. 

On the other hand, Typographic pairing is also used to initiate a continuity between data using the same fonts in the text. Take note that this component’s goal is to present the actual connection of information through various type choices. 

Then again, the use of font styles and colors significantly impact how this works. There are font styles that are highly appropriate to use for titles, descriptions, and subheadings. So, it would be best if you kept all of this in mind. 

Printing Quality

Now that you’ve got an idea of how to design and style your product label, the next thing to do is to print it!

If you think designing your product labels only comes with styles, fonts, and colors, then you are wrong. Part of creating your product label also includes the process of printing it with good quality. Of course, you don’t want to have a good layout style with a bad print quality input. 

Before diving in, you should know what kind of paper material you are going to use. For instance, most business owners invest in their machines to have a good output with their product labels. It may be a huge expense at first, but after a long run, all your funds will come back in weeks. 

Print quality matters as it will be the main thing that your customers will see around the market. Sure, your style is pretty good, but the print quality is not satisfying. The result? Your potential buyers will draw around the other products as they think your labels are not good enough. And that’s not to exaggerate things; it does happen in real life. 

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In a Nutshell

All in all, product labels can be very tedious to do when you’ve got loads of information and facts to put into them. Thus, it can be a fun thing to do when you know what you are doing and how you help people get to know your product even more. 

With all these simple tips, you can surely create the best product label for your product. And we suggest, go for the minimalists’ style! Because why not? It’s the easiest and newest trend in the market! Who knows? It’s also one of the ways for you to grow!