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How to Install ACMarket Store on Android

While the Play Store is arguably the largest mobile app store globally, offering users a huge choice of apps and games, it fair to say it doesn’t have everything. Google is pretty strict on which apps they allow into their store; add geo-restrictions into the mix, and quite a few cool streaming apps never get in front of their intended audiences.  That isn’t an issue anymore because ACMarket is taking up the slack. Free to download, ACMarket offers lots of third-party apps and games that the Play Store doesn’t.

How To Download ACMarket App:

ACMarket is the biggest rival to the Play Store, and, as such, that means you can’t download it in the usual way. The APK file has to be installed directly to your Android device – easy enough to do, just follow this guide:

  1. Before installing ACMarket, your device needs to know that unofficial content can be installed. If you haven’t already done this, open Android Settings and tap on Security (or it may be Privacy, depending on your firmware version)
  2. Find the Unknown Sources option and tap the slider to enable it
  3. Now you can download the APK file from the official ACMarket download page
  4. Please find the file in your Downloads folder and tap it
  5. Wait while it is installed on your device and the icon loads on your home page
  6. Enjoy your new app store.

How to Use ACMarket App:

ACMarket is a user-friendly, intuitive app:

  1. Open ACMarket from your device home screen
  2. Tap on one of the app categories
  3. Tap on any app or game you want to download
  4. Tap on GET and then wait – when it is installed, your app or game will be on your home screen

ACMarket App Features:

ACMarket is full of useful features

  • Free – ACMarket is and always will be free to use with no hidden charges anywhere
  • User-Friendly – the UI is much like the official store and is easy to navigate
  • Categorized Apps – all apps and games are in categories – Top Apps, Trending, Latest, Modified, Tweaked, and more
  • No Geo-Restrictions – all geo-restrictions are gone so that anyone can use any app or game regardless of location
  • Ad-Free – no irritating popup ads or surveys to complete before downloading anything
  • Regular updates – bring new content, improvements, security updates, bug fixes, and more
  • Completely Safe – all bugs and reported problems are fixed within 48 hours with an update, and every app is put through a virus-scanner and checked for exploits – any that fail are rejected. And string SSL encryption keeps your downloads, data, and device secure – only if you download from the official link and install the updates
  • High-Speed Downloads – highest download speeds of most stores, including the Play Store
  • 24/7 Customer Support – round-the-clock support; no matter where you are or what time it is, help is always at hand.

Frequently Asked Questions:

With so many questions being asked about this cool unofficial app store, we thought we would answer the most common ones here:

Can I Use ACMarket on iOS?

No. ACMarket is designed for Android users only, and there are no plans to include iOS support. There are plenty of alternative app stores offering the same sort of thing for iOS users.

Can I Use it On My Desktop?

Yes. Because it is an Android app, using an Android emulator on your Mac or Windows PC will let you install and use ACMarket.

ACMarket has Stopped Working – What Do I Do?

This could happen for any number of reasons, and the three main ones are incorrect app preferences, the cache needs to be cleared, and the unknown sources option wasn’t enabled. Here’s how to fix this:

Method 1: Reset App Preferences

This is the main cause for this problem:

  1. Launch Android Settings and tap on Apps (or App Manager)
  2. Tap the All Apps option
  3. Tap Reset App Preferences > Reset Now
  4. Try again, and ACMarket should be working again.

If it isn’t, try method 2.

Method 2: Clear The Package Installer Data and Cache

  1. Back into Settings > Apps (or App Manager)
  2. Tap System Apps > Package Installer
  3. Tap Clear Cache and Clear Data in turn – If you use Android 6.0 Marshmallow, you will find these options under Storage.

If it still isn’t working, try the last method:

Method 3: Enable Unknown Sources

  1. Launch Android Settings and tap on Security or Privacy
  2. Find the Allow Unknown Sources option and tap the slider to enable it.

If ACMarket still isn’t working, delete it from your device. Check that you still have Unknown Sources enabled and reinstall it – that should do the trick.

ACMarket is proving a great alternative to the Play Store and provides users with a huge choice of apps, games, and more, all for free. It’s safe to use, and legal so download it today and enjoy everything it has to offer.