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How to Install Panda Helper Store on iPhone and Android

Panda Helper is undoubtedly one of the best new app stores about these days, a fantastic alternative to the iOS app store offering tons of modified and third-party apps and games. And not only does it not need a jailbreak to work, but it is completely free too.

Why Panda Helper?

Because of what it offers. First off, you get all this cool content for free:

  • iOS Apps – lots of official content from the iOS apps store
  • Exclusive Apps – third-party content, like game emulators, screen recorders, streaming apps, tweaks, and more
  • Tweaks – modified content with new features, new functions and unlocked

If all that doesn’t do it for you, try these features:

  1. Completely Safe to Use – because no jailbreak is needed, you don’t hack the security on your device
  2. Great Cydia Alternative – lots of unofficial content plus some jailbreak tweaks too
  3. Third-Party Apps – unofficial apps and games that aren’t allowed into the iOS app store
  4. 24/7 Support – no matter where you are in the world, support is on hand via Twitter or Facebook

How to Download Panda Helper on iPhone:

It is easy to download Panda Helper, and you can choose between a free and paid version of the store:

  1. Open the official Panda Helper website on your device and download the configuration profile
  2. Tap Install on the popup message
  3. Tap Install on the Install Profile page and put your passcode in
  4. Tap Install on the next page and wait for the installation to finish
  5. When the icon is on your home page, you can start using it for your apps and games

How to Download Panda Helper on Android:

Panda Helper is easy to install on Android devices:

  1. Download pandahelper.apk
  2. Tap OK on the warning message
  3. Tap on the file in Downloads and tap the Chrome Settings option
  4. Enable Unknown Sources and wait for the app to install

Panda Helper Troubleshooting Guide:

Reliable it may be, Panda Helper does have a couple of common installation errors, but they are easy to fix:

Profile Installation Failed Error:

This arises when the Apple servers are struggling with traffic. If waiting a few hours doesn’t solve the problem, try these steps:

  • Enable Airplane Mode
  • Open Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data
  • Tap Clear History and Data
  • Disable Airplane Mode and wait a few minutes
  • Try installing Panda Helper again – you’ll find it works now

White/Blank Screen

Another common error and easy to fix:

  • Open Settings > Safari > Clear Website Data
  • Open Panda Helper, the screen should be normal again

Untrusted Developer Error:

This is common with unofficial content and needs to be fixed the first time you use the app:

  • Open Settings>General>Profiles
  • Tap on the Panda Helper profile and tap on Trust
  • Close Settings, the error will not appear now

Panda Helper App Revoked:

Because the developers built Panda Helper using expired enterprise certificates. These get revoked by Apple every few days, and the app crashes. Although the developers try to replace the certificates before this happens, they can’t always do it, but you can stop the app revokes in three ways:

  • Follow the Anti-Revoke guide above
  • Install a recommended Panda Helper VPN
  • Use an anti-revoke app

Cannot Verify App:

If you get this error message, try this:

  • Delete Panda Helper
  • Use Safari browser to open the official Panda Helper page
  • If you don’t see any messages saying the app is available, the developers are working on it – wait a while and try again
  • If you do see a message saying the app is available, tap the Download Free Version button
  • Tap Install and wait – the app will install
  • Fix the Untrusted Developer error, and you can use Panda Helper

App Cannot Be Downloaded At This Time:

Try these until one of them fixes the error:

  • Reset Network Settings – tap Settings>Network>Reset Network settings and reboot your device – install Panda Helper, and it should work
  • Reinstall Panda Helper – delete Panda Helper and reinstall it
  • Wait – the servers may be busy, so try again in a few hours
  • Clear Cache – clear the Panda Helper cache and install it again

No Profile to Trust:

Another common issue with the free version, first download the VIP version and install the free version over the top.

Panda Helper is incredibly popular and comes in two flavors – free and paid; The free version suits most people, so try it today on your device and see how you get on with it.

Panda Helper Anti-Revoke Trick:

Being unofficial, Apple may revoke the app certificate, causing it to crash. However, you can still get at your apps without needing to delete Panda Helper and start over or jailbreak your device. If Panda Helper crashes, follow the steps below:

  1. Enable Airplane Mode and make sure Wi-Fi has gone off
  2. Open Settings > Safari > Clear History & Website Data
  3. Tap the Panda Helper icon, and it will open, even though Wi-Fi is disabled
  4. Disable Airplane Mode, check that Wi-Fi is connected, and your apps and games should work again