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5 Best Video Editing Tools for Instagram

Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms, accrediting to the amazing graphics which has the tendency to captivate the attention of the audience. The daily user count has increased significantly, while the monthly active user count has been on the spike ever since Instagram was launched. So, this clearly means that Instagram is the true haven for social media lovers.

With this notion and spike in utilization, the number of Instagram influencers and bloggers has increased significantly because people are highly interested in watching their content. These influencers and bloggers have become the fashion and lifestyle inspirations for commoners. However, multiple brands have taken the Instagram road as well.

It is needless to say that brands are always collaborating with the influencers and bloggers because of their high follower count, which provides an increase in the number of followers on Instagram and customer base for the businesses. In this quest, we need to understand that fact that these influencers and bloggers are designing the content in the forms of pictures and videos, and are often using bots on Instagram.

Pictures have always been preferred by the audience but the trends and paradigms are now changing. Videos are becoming more and more attractive and aesthetically pleasing especially when you utilize LUT packs for video editing. This is because people now prefer videos because they are effortless to watch, while providing all essential details. However, for Instagram, these videos should be up to mark. So, in this article, we are sharing top five video editing tools for Instagram, so have a look!


If you’ve been looking for a video editing app for your Android and iOS phones, this is the perfect video editing app through which you can edit the videos on the go. The app is pretty easy and simple to use. The video effect is stellar. And the best thing about this app is that people will be able to make the picture collages in addition to video editing and made filters as well.

The users can set the frame sizes according to the Instagram video metrics, such as stories and for IGTV videos. In addition, there are splitting, trimming, and cutting features available. If you need to cut out the unused parts, you can blur the background as well.


This app is the brainchild of GoPro which has been designed to import the footages from different locations, inclusive of camera roll to ensure you can edit any video that you want. The users have the automatic features available for video editing but they can customize the editing as well. This means that you can add music, make smooth transition, and make the cuts from the video.

The users have the ability to import more than 500 files in multiple formats, inclusive of MP4, MOV, and H264. The topping point is that you can add the music and add, while creating the customized motions, slow and fast.


This is one of the most amazing editing apps out there for the Instagram editing because you can utilize the advanced features, like artificial intelligence. The artificial intelligence will be responsible for creating the videos by identifying the facial movement, actions, landscapes, and sound. In addition, the app allows the users to trigger the emotional response from audience.

The app allows the users to access the media library for uploading the videos. In addition, the animation options are there, along with the easy editing options, accrediting to the drag and drop feature. The users will have access to multiple filters and there are no compromises on the privacy.


It is needless to say people have been recording their videos in portrait mode because it is better for the Instagram likes. However, some people have been trying to make the videos in horizontal format because they need to match the YouTube aesthetics but the mobile holding position can be difficult to manage. With this app, you will be able to record and shoot the video in horizontal plane.

The app allows the users to shoot in 2k resolution, along with fast and slow motion. In addition, you can record and upload the footage directly from the app.

Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe is the most known name in the editing world and it’s literally the best one out there. With this app, you can sync the media to the cloud and can be used on every possible device. The videos and media can be shared with the other Adobe products. The best thing about this app is that it allows inculcation of music, text, transitions, and filters.