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5 Effective Tips to Make Your Motorcycle Battery Last Longer

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Motorcycles are great! Not only are they great for transportation but riding them makes one feel pretty cool, doesn’t it?

Motorcycle batteries are a key component of your ride. It is important to give them proper maintenance and ensure that they last long. Here are some tips to help you do that:

  1. Ensure That the Terminals are Cleaned, Greased, and Fastened

Often, the electrolyte in motorcycle batteries leaks out and makes the terminals dirty. If not cleaned for long, this dirt can keep accumulating and erode the metal surface of the terminals. This damage leads to sparking issues because of poor contact.

Not just that, the corrosive electrolyte can create a layer of rust. It will, thus, decrease the conductivity of the battery. This, in turn, will reduce the power supplied to the starter motor and prevent your bike from starting.

To avoid this, ensure that the terminals are cleaned and greased whenever you get your motorcycle serviced. The electrolyte in your battery can leak out and can dirty the terminals of your battery. This dirt can corrode the metal surface of your terminal and can cause sparking issues due to poor contact.

The terminals of your battery being loose can trigger sparking. It causes the battery to draw a higher current which will reduce the longevity of the motorcycle battery. Keep checking the terminals regularly and in case you find them to be loose, grab a wrench!

  1. Check the Battery Fuse Regularly

A simple component, the battery fuse is critical in preventing major damages to your motorcycle battery. Make sure that you don’t skimp on this essential part if you don’t want any permanent damage to your battery.

Every time you get your bike serviced, ask for your fuse to be checked properly. Even if you’re informed about minor damage to the fuse, ensure that you buy a new fuse. It is a very cheap part but when it comes to protecting your battery, it is perhaps the most important thing to have.

It is a good habit to replace a fuse that has been in use for a long period of time even if it doesn’t display signs of any damage.

  1. Top up your Battery Regularly

Most people are not consistent with checking the water level of their batteries. It is important that you develop a habit to check the level at least every two weeks. You will be able to find markings on the side of your battery as to what the maximum and minimum levels should be. In case it’s below the minimum level or close to being there, you should immediately top it off.

Don’t use anything other than distilled water to do this. If you use tap water, the impurities will severely damage the battery and its electrodes, making things difficult for you.

  1. Check your Battery often for Leaks

The simplest way to look after the well-being of your battery is to check for leaks. There are several reasons that can cause a leak in your motorcycle battery – improper installation, mechanical damage, and so on. The battery’s electrolyte leaks more commonly but you can even have the distilled water spilling out of the terminals.

If ignored for long, the leakage can not only damage your battery but even your motorcycle. Make sure that you regularly check for leaks and get your battery fixed/changed at any sign of such trouble.

  1. Park Your Motorcycle in Shade

This is an extremely simple, yet handy tip to maintain your motorcycle battery. Parking your bike in an open space with no insulation will expose the battery to the elements. While there are protected panels that surround the battery, they can erode over time and expose it to moisture.

This will lead to your battery life being reduced. And not just this, parking your motorcycle away from the sun will also help protect the paint on the body.

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Another handy tip – most new batteries are charged only up to 80% of their capacity. Make sure that you get them fully charged to increase their charge life.

Ensure that you follow all of these tips and get your motorcycle serviced at a reputed service center regularly to make your battery last as long as possible!