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5 Things You Must Know About Facebook’s Messenger

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Facebook Messenger is a great tool to interact with all your friends including the long-lost ones and family members. With 1.3 billion active users worldwide on this platform, you can easily look up your acquaintance and chat with them. Although users spend a lot of time on messenger, at times they don’t even know simple features like how to unblock on messenger. Whereas most of the Facebook business pages communicate with their potential customers on messenger and use a Facebook growth service to grow their page organically, in return they are bombarded with plenty of messages every day.

Therefore, no matter which Facebook account you’re using, it’s important to know five of the features listed below for added convenience. Keep reading!

1. Create Group Chats

To reminisce your good old college days, instead of messaging your every single class fellow individually, Facebook Messenger has added this feature where you can communicate in a group all together at once. And you can utilize it to create some funny group chat name ideas

To create a group, click on the Pencil icon, which you would usually used to find people you want to send a message and tick the people that you want to add to the group. Write a text and send it to the group. Voila!

2. Find “Hidden” Messages

People’s messages, who are not on your friend’s list or your acquaintance on Facebook, are usually not shown straight in your inbox. Although at times you may get messages from them in your inbox and Facebook also alerts you that they are a stranger.

You can access these hidden messages which go by the name “message requests” when you click on your messenger settings. If you click on “allow messages”, they will be directed to your inbox.

3. Hide Notification Previews

Sitting in a group of friends or family members and getting personal messages on Facebook Messenger is okay, but not when everyone is able to read them on your screen.

To save you from this situation, you should go to your Facebook Messenger settings and see the “notifications and sounds” option under preferences. You can then toggle off the “notification previews” option in an Android phone whereas for an iPhone this option goes by the name “show previews”.

4. Mute Notifications of Facebook Messenger

The constant buzzing of your phone can be quite annoying, and it may even drain the battery of your phone way earlier than usual. These pesky non-stop notifications are mostly from group chats. You can get rid of this problem by muting the notifications.  

To mute a particular conversation, open that conversation window and tap on the “i” button on the top-right side. Click on “notifications” and you can opt among several intervals like 15 minutes, 1 hour, 8 hours, and more.

5. Add Nicknames

If you find it hard to remember some people by their real names, or you have always known them from their nickname that is completely different on Facebook, Messenger has sorted it out for you.

Simply open a chat, click on their name, and you will see the option “nicknames”. Tap it, and you will be able to set a nickname in a cinch.