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5 Reasons Why Digital Marketing is a Blessing for the Event and Entertainment Industry

The world population by the end of 2018 was reported to be 7.2 billion; where more than 1 billion were actively using Facebook, and around 700-800 million were present on Linked-in, Twitter, and Instagram, on a daily basis. The numbers denote an established fact, that the social media dynamics have changed drastically which has further unlocked gateways of new marketing opportunities for companies of every industry, be it health, entertainment, IT or education. How? The numbers are evidence of potential buyers/audience present online and are a means of facilitating the easiest target capturing strategies available for industries ready to explore and implement today.

Clearly, all this requires micromanaging, i.e. social posting, social sharing, social analysis, social management and lot of social talking, that directs to the widespread endorsement of Digital Marketing. The competitiveness of Digital Marketing methodologies stands unquestioned, and unparalleled today, as nearly every single–small or big, new or old, e-commerce or event, industries are rapidly progressing towards its more detailed and strategic implementation.

What makes Digital Marketing surpass all other marketing efforts?
Businesses today leverage easily from the digital audience, through directly targeting the prospective customers. Social Media Management, a part of the Digital Marketing scheme, creates customer loyalty that is more earned than bought. Users are more read, are knowledgeable and equipped with easy techniques like verifying everything they see, want or have bought. Event, E-commerce and Entertainment industry are the ones that have greatly benefited with digital marketing. Here’s how:

Continuous Fan Engagement
: The entertainment industry is the most receptive industry for digital marketers. Entertainment-centric emails have the highest opening rate which is 37% as compared to 25% of the other industries. This is a clear indication that entertainment based news and products are highest in demand. According to Benchmark, only 47% of entertainment professionals are actively using emails, which is an oversight as compared to the demand. A much stronger and faithful connection with the fans can be established if, email marketing (only a part of digital marketing) be implemented thoroughly.

Online SEO/Video Content has changed the game: SEO content strategy has significantly altered the whole previously adopted marketing concepts for both the event and entertainment industry. Video Content has turned the tables in favor of nearly every company as user attention and engagement has enhanced the response rate of the audience by great numbers. Video marketing doesn’t have any big financial outlay, is easy to strategize and connects directly with the user sentiment. Combining video marketing with good SEO content strategy, the results will phenomenally transact a new customer into a returning customer.

Analytics gathered from previous marketing strategies improves future footfall in events:
One of the smartest outcomes of Digital Marketing is curating all the analyzed user response data. What email works more, which video performed better, and how many users engaged from a certain demographic, are questions, that digital analytics answers brilliantly. These analytics lay the foundation of the next digital marketing strategy which will bring more lucrative and substantial results.

Planning, Promotion, and Execution become easier: Since both event and entertainment industries are greatly dependent on Social Media Marketing, reposting content creates continuity in user interaction of events happening already and for future events as well. Creating event listings on different websites like Eventbrite, Facebook and LinkedIn, accompanied by ongoing video/viral content, keeps the fan engagement increasing, which drastically affects turnout.

The Hashtag and Twitterati keep people engrossed: Twitter is the most important social networking channel for both the event and entertainment industry, as every feedback, be it negative or positive is immediate. Fans are more vocal than before, and outspoken as well, which naturally becomes a game-changing reality for the relative industries. Hashtags that have ongoing engagement easily reach the trending spots further creating a mass engagement. If Twitter management is done intelligently by following the analytics, it can create a valuable and long-lasting impact on the audience.

Digital Marketing Strategies that can benefit Event and Entertainment Industry:
1. Social Media Managment
2. Website-Landing Page
3. Email Marketing
4. Affiliate marketing (One can use affiliatefacts scam reviews to check the viability and authenticity of various affiliate marketing programs/ sites).
5. Viral/Trending Marketing
6. Search Engine Optimization
7. Pay-Per-Click
8. Google Adwords
9. Google Analytics (for future campaigns)
10.Paid Campaign Ads
11.Blog Posts/Articles
12.Content Marketing
13.Influencer Marketing
14.Listings and Advertising
15.Vine, Pinterest and Instagram (Important for Entertainment Industry majorly)
16.Brand Partnerships/Collaborations
17.Memes Marketing (Bahubali was a great example)

Final Words: Digital Marketing requires smart cycles of marketing implemented in a decided period of time. It has indeed overthrown traditional marketing, but is also massively dependent on users, since this is the era of the consumer internet. Creativity is the real currency in digital marketing but it does require a large budget to back its implementation.