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6 Best Gambling Movies in History of Cinematography

There is no doubt that movies are one of the most powerful media today. What is more, gambling and everything connected to that subject can be a very interesting base for an action film. Games are usually full of emotions, gamblers have to make hard decisions every second, sometimes they even lose everything, including their life. It is not hard to explain why directors love making movies about the wild world of gambling.

Of course, there are more movies about gambling, but we decided to tell you only about the best of them. Many film characters lost all their money playing in casinos, which shows us the importance of safe gambling. You should assure, that your money will be spend on games safely and wisely and your winnings will be transferred to your account fast and smooth. You can ask for a help in finding best place to play at sites, that offer their services in guiding you through online gambling, like

The first film to see is based on the life of Stu Ungar. Its title is “High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story”. The movie shows us the story of a man who dedicated his life to poker. He started his gambling experience at the age of 14. Seems unbelievable today, doesn’t it? After years he became the best player in the whole world. “High Roller” is more of a biographic movie, but it is worth a while. By watching it we can learn what happens to gamblers who do not know when to stop playing.

One more movie we would like to recommend you is “21”. We can easily admit, that it is extremely hard to stop watching it in the middle. The whole idea for the story is fascinating. It shows us the life of a math professor, who persuades his students to take up gambling. The movie is about the role of math and science in real-life casinos. Even just a few rules can make your chances of winning higher. If you like fast action, good story and movies based on true events, “21” is for you!

It is always good to remember about a few older movies, which are often classy and full of action. “The Sting” is one of those films. It tells the viewers the story of two criminals who want to avenge the death of their friend, who was murdered by a gangster. The whole movie takes place in a land-based casino. Beautiful shots, music, and superstars in the cast make this film a true masterpiece. The main roles are taken by the dynamic duo of Robert Redford and Paul Newman. It is safe to say, that you cannot be sure of anything in “The Sting”.

“The Casino” is one of the most famous movies in the history of cinematography on probably the most important one about gambling. Thanks to this film you can see how land-based casinos work from the inside. The main character, played by Robert De Niro, takes control over a few casinos. The picture is very dynamic, shows us the process of exaction money from the clients, etc. We recommend you focus on the music which can make you feel like in a casino.

The next film, “Ocean’s 11”, tells us the story of gentleman Danny Ocean played by George Clooney. We meet him when he finishes his time in the federal prison and starts realizing the plan of robbing web of casinos in Las Vegas. He creates a team of ten specialists, including a pyrotechnist or world-class croupier. Their aim is 150 million dollars, currently in possession of Terry Benedict, the evil owner of the casinos. As you can see from this short description, you are not going to her bored during this movie.

The last movie we want to tell you about is the famous “Vegas Vacation”. This comedy is about Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase) who, after getting a raise, decides to take his whole family to fabulous Las Vegas. It turns out that Clark has got some big problem with addiction to gambling, his wife falls in love with the hotel singer, his daughter Audrey starts a career of go-go dancer and his son, Rusty, makes great money playing in casinos. Great comedy and perfect family movie. Our personal best.

We wish you good luck and hope that you like our propositions of movies!