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7 Best Live Stream Services in Melbourne, Australia

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Streaming live on the internet presents several distinct problems and technical difficulties. While streaming and social media platforms are sufficient for simple and small-scale events, more significant events may require professional live stream services.

Here’s a list of the best live-streaming service providers in Melbourne.

Dream Engine Video Production Company

Dream Engine is Melbourne’s top video streaming service provider. They provide professional and reliable streaming services for your business. They offer webcasting services and video content management, which you can adjust to match your needs and budget.

They can shoot a single-camera locked-off shot of your live event. Alternatively, they can do elaborate multi-camera productions and live image blending utilizing the best live streaming platforms.

They also use various platforms such as Big Marker, Zoom, Facebook Live, and Youtube Live.

Dream Engine has been in the industry for 18 years. They have made appealing videos for major businesses in their significant industry experience.

This video production company offer a wide range of services, including:

  • brand videos,
  • testimonials,
  • corporate events,
  • educational films,
  • compelling website clips,
  • live event streaming, and
  • conference videos.

Moment 2 Moment Event Photography & Videography 

Moment 2 Moment offers professional streaming services, including:

  • Quality cameras for your live visuals
  • On-demand high-quality audio engineering and mixing
  • Features for live streaming and vision switching
  • Call-to-action visuals and sponsorship adverts

The company covers live events, webinars, keynote presentations, corporate events, and media conferences. They can assist you with setting up your event on any live-streaming platform.

They offer different service packages, which gives you the flexibility to choose depending on your business needs. They can cover your events in any suburb and venue.

Live Streaming Services (LSS)

LSS provides complete live-streaming production and management solutions. They have a team of experts who can help you with your live event.

Whether you want to reach worldwide audiences, increase engagement, or raise awareness among new clients, LSS offers their expertise to achieve your desired output.

They provide end-to-end production solutions to broadcast video content on different live-streaming platforms.

They have worked in the industry at prominent events and corporations for ten years. 

The Streaming Guys

The Streaming Guys are specialists in live streaming and webcasting in Australia. Their services extend from consulting to developing turn-key streaming solutions for any business.

They specialize in equipment specification, installation, and training for many businesses, including government, television broadcasters, sports organizations, event webcasting, and online startups.

They offer services in various live streaming platforms but specialise in Facebook Live integration, providing software, hardware, and expertise.


StreamingHouse is your technical and strategic streaming ally. They offer industry-standard platforms and an end-to-end management system with tools and data to help your business flourish.

Their high-performance delivery solutions allow you to stream on your website, bespoke landing page, and social media—individually or simultaneously. Thus, you may communicate with your audience anywhere and on any device.

StreamingHouse can cover a wide range of live events. The company provides complete on-site live video solutions, including equipment and personnel for:

  • Conferences, seminars, concerts, athletic events, weddings, and other similar events
  • Product demonstrations 
  • Communication between venues
  • Remote interviews and webinars
  • Multi-camera streaming

Michael’s Live Video Stream Services

Michael’s live video stream services are Melbourne’s premier one-stop shop for all your video and camera requirements.

Whether you are hosting a conference, AGM, or business event, their staff will handle all event logistics, including pre-event content like artwork, logos, and pre-recorded video.

They can assist you with streaming on Facebook, YouTube, your website, or in-house. Their team will also discuss the best live-streaming platform for reaching your target audience.

Live Stream Studio

Live Stream Studio offers excellent video and photographic studio hire services in Melbourne. They rent out live streaming, filming, editing, and photography spaces.

They have twin White & Green Chromakey Cycloramas for filming your talk shows, online programmes, corporate or business conferences, and other productions, photography or live streaming your event.

They have a dedicated crew of video operators, switchers, and production managers. The staff follows all procedures to avoid unexpected situations during your live event.

Their in-house staff have extensive skills, in-depth technical knowledge, and the desire to create high-quality multi-screen video content.

The Rise of Business Live Video Streaming

Holding virtual events, including live streaming, has been common since the pandemic.

Fostering ties with the community is essential in any business. Live broadcasts and business events worldwide have shifted online. However, the need for connection and engagement with the audience remains.

Choosing live-stream events allows you to stay in touch with your online audience, inform them, and eventually reach global audiences.

Knowing which video streaming platform to use and what production services to hire are vital in achieving your desired outcome for your live streams. Thus, it is crucial to research live streaming platform comparison and production services before your event.

Boost your business and reach a wider audience by utilizing a professional live-stream service.