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ABC Family Orders Reality Series ‘The Letter’

The Series Pick-Up Comes on the Heels of the 'Monica the Medium' Renewal

ABC Family (which will be retitled Freeform on January 12) has ordered a new relationship/reality series called “The Letter” from Sirens Media (part of Leftfield Entertainment), which asks the following question: “If you could, without identifying yourself, what would you tell your best friend that he or she really needed to hear?”

The premise: In each stand-alone episode, four people close to one another draw names and anonymously write to the selected person a thoughtful yet totally honest letter outlining what, in their opinion, needs to be changed in order to improve and transform for the better the life of the recipient. For one week, each “reader” must follow all the rules and instructions outlined in the letter – culminating in a dramatic and emotionally charged meeting where the authors of each letter reveal themselves to their best friends.