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‘Petticoat Junction’ Star Mike Minor Dead at 75

Minor Was Married to His TV Wife Linda Kaye Henning for Five Years


Mike Minor, who is remembered for playing crop-duster Steve Elliot on 1960s sitcom “Petticoat Junction,” died of cancer on Thursday, Jan. 28. He was 75.

Born Michael Fedderson on Dec. 7, 1940, Minor was the son of “My Three Sons” producer Don Fedderson who aspired for a career in baseball. Following an early stint as a recording artist, Minor joined the cast of the rural-set CBS comedy in 1966 and was married to his TV wife Linda Kaye Henning in real life for five years. His other TV credits following “Petticoat Junction” included guest roles on “My Three Sons,” “Chips,” “Vega$,” daytime soap “All My Children” and “L.A. Law.”