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An IG Bot is the Best Thing for HR Accounts in 2022 and Here is Why

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Hey, are you an HR manager? If so, and you don’t use Instagram and the best Instagram bots in your work promotion, you’re missing out on a fabulous opportunity to promote your brand and find new employees. All these: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and even TikTok should be a key weapon of your social recruiting strategy, just like LinkedIn, and jobs-sites. The Instagram bot is the best thing created for HR managers, as you can finally get thousands of potential work candidates at your hand.

Why use an IG bot for HR account promotion

Ok, let’s be clear: you cannot attach a link to a vacancy to a post, as in other social networks. But you can do a HUGE amount of actions that will lead to HR success.

Use your Instagram HR opportunities like:

  • Add a link to a vacancy in Stories
  • Publish a link in the bio of your account
  • Invent your own hashtag to promote your posts
  • Use one of the IG bot (it is one of the best Instagram bots) to get more employees
  • Set up a chatbot in Instagram Direct to reply to every interested user with a link to a vacancy

And lots more.

Instagram is an indispensable tool for increasing the brand awareness of an employer. Plus, with the help of flexible settings and filters of the Facebook ads manager, you will be able to promote your posts to the target audience you need. Moreover, it is a perfect place to use an IG bot to get more relevant followers as you can target literally everything in the promotion settings.

Do you have any idea who you are waiting for an open position on Instagram now?

How to manage an HR Instagram account

There are top-7 tools and types of content that are perfect for the company’s HR Instagram profile:

1. Instagram Highlights

Highlight the best employee of the month—tell us about his achievements. Talk about the person, it’s not necessary to talk only about the successes within the company. Isn’t it cool if one of your employees learned to surf like a pro, or passed an exam for knowledge of the Chinese language?

2. Post the best client or project

Client or project of the month is a great thing to attract future employees. Show potential candidates how your company succeeds.

3. Set up an Instagram bot to get more potential employees

How can automatic Instagram followers help you to promote your HR account?

Mass following Instagram bot is essential for HR Instagram accounts, because it helps to attract more relevant potential employees and, consequently, sell get more CVs. As well as make your company more popular among the target audience.

  • Manual account promotion takes a lot of time, and the auto-following bot on Instagram can help minimize this period of time.
  • Instagram ads are too expensive, but the bot is cheap. Go to the Inflact IG bot and see with your own eyes.

The point is to inspire confidence in your brand by creating visibility that many people like, and they subscribe to the page.

4. Instagram live translation in the company’s office.

Well, everything is simple and clear here—take a small “room tour” to show what beautiful place your work in.

5. Instagram Stories Q&A or Poll about the company history.

Just no boring! Turn your story into a comic and create an unusual infographic.

And of course, all general trips and corporate events should be covered in your company profile. And it is desirable to show everything in such a way that everyone would immediately want to get to your next party.

Don’t forget to tell us about your “buns”:

Flexible work hours, support for employee education, a kicker in the middle of the office or just a cool view from the windows — whatever the unique advantages of your company as an employer, do not forget to talk about them regularly.

Of course, there should be posts about open vacancies. But try to tell us more about some everyday details in addition to the standard requirements. Starting from where the future employee will sit, with whom he will work, and what tasks he will perform, ending with where he will be able to relax or take a walk.

As you know, people come to the company and leave the head. Try to dispel all the fears and prejudices of your candidate in advance — let the CEO of the company, if possible, record welcome videos for candidates. It’s cool if they are also with some funny filters. Use Instagram at full power to inspire your future candidates to come.