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Best Practices for IG Business

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Once you have set up your IG business account, you would think that all is left is to post content. And while this might be true to some extent, it is not entirely the case if you want to succeed in this platform. That said, here are a few things to implement if you want to gain more followers and make sales on Instagram. 

  1. Pick a Theme

As a business, you need an on-brand theme on IG to distinguish you from the rest. Elements to pay attention to in regards to this aspect include color palette, type of content, and brand voice. A consistent theme will make you easily recognizable to the audience and lend your feed a cohesive feel, luring people to follow and pay attention to what you have to say. Find our more about increasing followers at Stormlikes.

Keep in mind that the ultimate goals are to gain more followers by promoting your brand as much as possible and ultimately making more sales. This makes a consistent theme essential. Pick a particular tone to use in your captions that works for your brand. It might be mellow and laid-back, professional or playful and sassy. Just ensure it matches what your business is about. 

Next, pick the kind of content you’ll be posting. Do you intend to post photos, videos, GIFs, or a mixture of everything? When it comes to graphics, ensure you’re consistent with the fonts and colors. As for images, leverage the amazing tools Instagram has to offer including Lightroom and VSCO. 

  1. Use Hashtags

Hashtags are one of the best ways to make people find what you have to offer and gain more followers during the process. When used properly, hashtags can be an especially powerful tool. Rather than using any term that crosses your mind, consider relevant or trending hashtags. These will help categorize your content and get them in the hands of the right audience. 

If you are uncertain of where to begin, consider a hashtag generator as it will give you a list of possible phrases. Next, narrow it down to a smaller number of hashtags to utilize per post as each varies from brand to brand. You can use between 7 to 30, experiment, and see which ones give the best results. You can do this by tapping the ‘’View Insights’’ section on a post and see how many people found your post using a particular hashtag. 

You can use hashtags in post copy, comments, and even stories in order to draw more people to your post or page. Almost every person uses hashtags, but when used properly, it can really help your bottom line. 

  1. Product Tags

This is a relatively new feature on the platform, but it provides an excellent way to showcase the items you’re selling on IG. When you tag a product, those looking at your post can tap the image and see a tag with the name and price of whatever you’re selling. In addition, they can tap a specific tag and see a complete description of the item and decide to view the product on your website from there. 

  1. Instagram Ads

Given Instagram is owned by Facebook, IG business accounts can reap the benefits of FB’s campaign customization options, great targeting capabilities as well as diverse formatting. IG ads can be extremely beneficial when looking to gain more followers. 

You have the ability to create IG ads from your FB ads manager or from the platform itself. When designing the ads, make sure they are engaging enough and fit to match your brand theme. You want people to halt scrolling and see what you have to say regarding your product, service, or company. Do not forget to include a Call to Action like the ‘’Shop Now’’ button to give people the chance to directly buy your product.