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Instagram Guide For Business

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1. Taking advantage of free Instagram tools

Instagram has recently introduced business profiles, which are almost the same as Facebook’s business profiles. It has a huge “contact” call-to-action, which allows users to call, email, or text the business.

Business profiles provide access to analytics, or as they call them, insights, which give users access to engagement data and impressions. If you are using your Instagram account for business, it might be a good idea to convert the personal profile into a business profile so you can take advantage of these features and tools. When you have a good understanding of how users are interacting with your content, it is easy to adjust your strategy to maximize engagement.

2. Cross-promoting Instagram posts

Do you want to add new followers on your Instagram who love your brand? Post across the different social media platforms – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. – then invite them to follow the Instagram profile. If they are following you on other platforms, they like what you are offering. Give them more ways of connecting to your brand. Buy Instagram followers to boost your brand and get in front of a wider audience.

It isn’t good to assume that the post is going to reach everyone you are connected to on social media. People can sometimes move away from certain social media platforms and some aren’t that active on some platforms. You should try to connect to as many of your social media profiles as possible so you can reach a bigger audience.

3. Avoid overwhelming your audience

When posting, you want to do it often enough so that you remain relevant, but you also have to be careful not to post too much to a point where you overwhelm your followers. When you post too much, they will start unfollowing your account because they feel you are always on their face.

There is no one general template to use when it comes to posting. What works for one brand might not work for another. Test things out and see how the audience responds. The safe place to start is twice daily, then alternating times so you can find when you get the highest engagement. You can then start experimenting with fewer and more posts per day, and pay close attention to engagement. When you find the spot, it is not the end – you have to adjust as your following increases. Optimizing post frequency is something that never ends. 

4. Interacting with followers to spark growth

If someone has left a comment on your post, keep in mind that they have taken their time to do this. It will only take you two seconds to reply and thank them. When you do this, you end up with a loyal customer who is going to rave about your brand.

Find ways of making them interact with your posts. You can ask them to tag three of their friends who would love that. This is going to attract new followers because it puts your brand in front of a larger audience. There is less resistance because they are introduced to your Instagram profile through a friend. This will result in an increased following for your profile.

5. Creating an interactive hashtag

This is a good way of creating instant engagement – but you should make sure you use hashtags the right way. A strategy that has worked for many people is to create a hashtag that the customers usually use to tag photos of them with the product they have just bought.

This is a good approach because it is going to help you have a hashtag for your brand. You can search for the tags to re-post the pictures of your customers with your product. This is going to accomplish two things:

It will result in more followers using the hashtag and posting images of themselves with the product because they want to be featured on your page too.

When someone posts using the hashtags, your products and brand are exposed to all of their followers – which is free advertising.