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Bingo Lingo Guide: All You Need to Know Before You Start

Bingo is loved by thousands of players. When you play bingo games here online, it can be played any day and at any time of the day or night. There are no specific rules for you to consider which makes it a great game for anyone to participate in without feeling like a fish out of water. It can be as sociable as you want to make it and it is a great way to meet like-minded people with a love of online Bingo.

Though you will obviously not hear specific Bingo orientated phrases being called out when you are playing online as you would if you were playing in a Bingo hall, there are plenty of acronyms for you to watch out for. If you are able to understand a couple of these before you begin to play, it will make your initiation much easier for you when you start playing Bingo online. But which are the most helpful Bingo lingo terms to look out for?

Best Bingo Lingo

There are some terms that you should be clued up on before you start to play Bingo online. Some of the most popular include the following:

· Dabber – this is the way in which you are able to mark the numbers off on your ticket or strip. It makes a circular imprint and is very similar to the dabber used in the traditional Bingo halls.

· Lobby – the area in which you are able to learn which Bingo game you want to play and this is also where all of the information about each different game is displayed. All of the costs of each ticket and strip are displayed here as well as the number of players in each room and the length of time until the next game starts.

· Full House – there are no prizes if you guess what this means! You guessed it, this refers to all of the numbers of your ticket being dabbed off and this means that you have won the biggest prize available if you are the first player to do so. As one of the most common phrases used in the online Bingo world, this is a definite must phrase to learn!

· 1L and 2L – stands for the one or two lines that you have been able to mark off with your dabber on your ticket. A prize is available for each of these as long as you are the first person to be able to do so. Act fast to claim the first two prizes of every online Bingo game.

· Early Bird – this is the first game played every game and gets its name from the popular phrase “the early bird catches the worm!”

· Lights Out – the last game of the day which is commonly played at midnight. As this is the closing game, it is called “lights out” as it is the end game prior to the online Bingo room closing and the lights going out. Simple when you know how!