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‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Meets ‘New Girl’ – and Vice Versa

But Will This Crossover Really Ignite Interest in the Two Low-Rated Sitcoms?

In an effort to jump-start Fox Tuesday 8-9 p.m. comedies “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and “New Girl,” which remain stalled at the ratings’ gate, the two half-hours will be featured in a crossover event next week.

In “Brooklyn-Nine” at 8 p.m., Jess (Zooey Deschanel) finds herself in New York, and runs into detective Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg). He enlists her help in tracking down a suspect in a new case. Then, on “New Girl,” the characters head to New York because Schmidt (Max Greenfield) thinks he is being honored at his high school. Jess ends up at the 99th precinct, where she encounters both Gina (Chelsea Peretti) and Captain Holt (Andre Braugher).

While on the case, maybe the detectives on “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” should investigate what happened to the audience!

Here is the preview: