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Dimensional Designs of 2023 Stadium Venues Planned

Stadiums of tomorrow are experiencing a series of makeovers and renovations. Whether it is about changing the arena design, augmenting the audience capacity, uplifting the facade, or, accommodating dedicated areas for fun & excursions – there are ample examples of planned stadium upgradation that reflect the modernization in architecture and enhancement in designs. 

The future of stadiums is bright. With major venues looking to redefine how major arenas are built, viewed, designed and perceived. All this happens with groundbreaking technology and modern day concepts shaping our aspirations of sophisticated spaces and ambitious infrastructures. At the very heart are exquisite branding and marketing materials that transform the ambiance of the facade. 

Among the dimensional designs, brand identity designs are rising in popularity. 3d letter signs displaying arena names on the facade are a prime example of this. But it is just the tip of the iceberg of what modern day arenas are capable of bringing to limelight. Scroll down below to learn about the planned design upgradation of 2023:

1. Feyenoord Stadium (Rotterdam)

Feyenoord Stadium at the Maas (Rotterdam) features a state of the art facility equipped with a multi-sports club. The facility once ready will enable proceedings of football matches alongside an athletic sport center, commercial space, and a public square. The real deal is its unique iconic design which fuses its futuristic dome design with symmetric skylines, and consistently curved tiers that synchronizes with the main view of the stadium. Ahead of the other contemporary designs, the brilliant stadium once ready will act as a foundation to inspire the new age concepts and architectures.

2. Guangzhou Evergrande Stadium

Guangzhou Evergrande Stadium is a dream project built in China that gives a fresh lease of life to artistic concepts. The infrastructure is truly inspired by its inclination towards nature. The whole design is reminiscent of the lotus flower surpassing the imagination and evolutionary concepts of today.  It is envisioned to reflect the city image as the city of flowers which is quite visible in its distinct design and colors. The colors however are emphasized more at the night time. The world’s 2nd largest football stadium with an immense capacity of 100,000 is set to open in 2023.

3. Cambodian National Stadium

Cambodia national stadium displays its stunning design and marvelous piece of engineering that captured the world’s attention. The unique three dimensional structure is superior and looks almost similar to a sailing ship. The tail-like structures on the sides offer the stadium an aerodynamic feel which resembles both an enormous sea creature and a giant ship. All in all, this sort of design is a tremendous masterpiece which has the prospect to inspire many designs to come.

4, Douera Sportspark Stadium (Algeria)

Douera Sportspark stadium is a trailblazer in its line of infrastructures modernized and renovated. It is imagined to be a symbol of innovation and progress in architecture. The prominent design of the stadiums features a colosseum that looks enormous and marvelous at the same time. The uniqueness in its design stretches over its ultra modern flat dome upper structure. It mirrors the extraordinary innovation in technology giving it the characteristic to handle versatile climatic conditions while allowing ample sunlight and visibility to the stadiums. The stadium, once ready, will host football and olympic sports for about 40,000 spectators. 

5. Howard Terminal (Oakland)

Howard terminal is another project that transforms the definition of simplicity. Its conventional circular shape and dome structure is leveled up with a multi-level rooftop. The whole structure is complemented by open spaces and a spectators ‘ column that overlooks the diamond and bay. The gorgeous view and forward looking front surround the stadium portrays the elevating spirit of the city. The baseball stadiums which are impressively built and layered with beautiful green cover and trees are absolutely a delight for spectators. 

6. Xi’an International Stadium (China)

Built for a capacity of 60,000, this international football stadium is visually attractive and architecturally perfect. The saddle shaped design is modeled with a curved shaped roof that optimizes view and provides enhanced audible experience. The roof is made using light weight material and is supported with cables to flexibly adapt to winds and adverse conditions. The facade offers optimum conditions for grass to grow while allowing natural lights to impregnate into the structure due to its noteworthy design. The perfection in spatial planning is supplemented by incorporating recreational hubs, public spaces, and restrooms. 

7. Santa Giulia Arena (Milan)

Inspired by traditional amphitheater design, Santa Giulia Arena caters to sports, cultural, and entertainment events. Reimagined as a centerpiece of luxury, its contemporary elliptical design features a scheme of luxury and sustainability. It comprises metallic rings and glass frames that extend its footprint to green landscape. The stadium articulates its prominence with a space for social interactions, outdoor events, and spacious lobbies act as a neighborhood of fun and pleasure for localites.

Another aspect of its extraordinary planning and superior engineering lies in spatial design which aims at minimizing energy consumption, reducing CO2 consumptions, and amplifying energy usage by implementing sustainable practices.

The Bottom Line

With latest and existing construction methodologies, architects are able to craft the stories of modern day. These stories are referenced and narrated with intricate structuring and modern rebuilding technology to inspire buildings of tomorrow. And with the assistance of tools we have nowadays, there are countless opportunities waiting to be discovered and create a legacy for people of today and tomorrow.