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HBO Max Announces Anthology Series ‘The Uninhabitable Earth’

HBO Max has ordered anthology series “The Uninhabitable Earth” from Adam McKay (“Succession”), which is inspired by the best-selling book by David Wallace-Wells. The series will be comprised of stand-alone fictional stories covering a wide range of genres and possible futures that could result from the rapid warming of our planet.

The plan is for the first season to enlist top directors and writers to join in creating a provocative and entertaining series that taps into our unease with just how delicately our planet is teetering on the precipice .

In the book, David Wallace-Wells offers readers a travelogue of the near future and the impending terrors – rising sea levels, food shortages, refugee emergencies, climate wars and economic devastation – we will all face. His work forecasts all of the ways the world will be forever transformed if we don’t take swift, sweeping measures.