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How Does a Hydraulic Road Roller Work?

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We know how tough it can be to build anything and serve you with the best possible equipment. In terms of road construction, choosing the right kind of road roller becomes a crucial factor in building long-lasting roads. We have various over 60 road rollers, and we export them to more than 180 countries and regions. Our products are reliable and help our customers succeed in their endeavors.

A road roller is a vehicle that is used to compact soil, asphalt, and other rocks. They are used in road construction. Not only road constructions these are also used in agriculture and landfills. The main purpose of using a Chian Road Roller is to ensure that the materials that are being worked on are compressed and compact so that it does not come loose. The common features of a road roller are tires, a compaction meter. In addition, there is a canopy that is given to protect the driver. The compaction meter is used to measure either the level of compaction or the water system or both.

Compaction reduces the air in the soil so that it can be made easier for binding. It increases its load-carrying capacity. We have a range of hydraulic rollers that you can choose from so that it is easier and faster for you to work on any project. All our product details are there on our website, along with model numbers. You can go and check the features yourself. Our website is extremely easy to use, and it is made user-friendly so that our customers do not go through any hassle.

How does it work?

Let us look at how hydraulic rollers work. These types of rollers use vibrations to operate. Features-wise, hydraulic rollers have a drum that is used to compact the material you are working on. Be it soil, asphalt, etc., to make the material denser hydraulic rollers transfer vibrations to the surface. Due to this vibration, the wheels cover the area under them, and the soil becomes dense. Unlike other rollers, hydraulic rollers are more efficient to work with because it has a two-wheel installed on the rear end while a drum roller is installed on the front end.

The work is very simple to understand. The moment vibrations reach the surface, the materials underneath begin to gather, while at the same time, pressure is applied to the different layers of the material. Now one might think that if it constantly produces vibrations, what happens to the already compacted soil. For this, when it moves backward, vibrations are turned off not to spoil the work that is already done. This is done to avoid re-binding the already bided soil. The drums of the roller are filled with basalt when it is to produce vibrations. When the drum is rotating, the basalt also rotates along with it. To produce the vibration, the basalt collides with the drum. Due to this coalition, vibration is produced. You can also choose how much vibration you want. This can be regulated by simply increasing or decreasing the weight of the basalt.

There is another way by which vibration is produced. Some weight is attached to the shaft inside the motor. The motor is attached to the drum. It becomes difficult when the work surface is rugged, and the surface is very irregular. For this, these rollers are the best to use. The roller wheels make it flexible so that it can perform vertical movements. These movements allow you to move easily—the driver seats on the main cabin. The steering control is present in front of the driver to have no issues while driving the machine. The engine position is different depending on the company and the models. It is in the front or rear end of the roller.


It is important to consider that only skilled people should drive or use these machines and take necessary and required protection. Before using a hydraulic roller, you need first to wear all your protective gear. A special suit is designed for the driver, which he is meant to wear to protect himself from extreme heat or cold. Apart from the suit, special boots are used to resist the impact of hard objects. And at all times, without fail, the helmet and the goggles are to be worn. Before you drive or use the machine, it is important to check for faults. Check your machine and inspect whether there are any issues or not. The things that you should check for is an oil leak, cracks, corrosion, etc. The engine is turned on by pushing a key or a button. This should obviously be done after thoroughly checking the parts and whether they are working properly.