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How to Create and Use Payme Page Service brings to you a platform through which your clients can pay your dues without delays. For a freelancer, a content creator, or someone who is at the beginning stages of his business, receiving timely payments plays a pivotal role. Even the small delays can sometimes jeopardize and upset the system. There is a chain that is dependent on cash flow to carry out business functions, and a break anywhere within that chain can call for some trouble. No matter what, but to maintain the cash flow is pre-eminent, and if you have a payment platform that facilitates and establishes secure payment gateways, that’s pure bliss.

A modern, fast, secure, multifaceted platform, Limepay is all here to solve every business problem when it comes to sending and receiving payments. From invoices to sending reminders and the Limepay Payme service, it allows your clients to pay you effortlessly.

Did you know that Limepay comes with a feature to split the transaction fee? Yeah, keeping the interest of both the client and the customer, it has a feature that lets you split the transaction fee. It will be up to you whether you want to pay the entire fee charged or split it between the recipients involved.

Creating Account and Setting up Payment Gateway

So let’s get started on how to create the Limepay account:

The steps are simple, all you got to do is to visit the Limepay website and click on sign up, or the Get Started link. Once you do that, a page will appear, asking you to fill in your primary information. Name, email, and password; that is all it takes to create an account.

The next step will be to connect with a payment processor.

Setting up a payment processor is necessary as it will be your gateway to send and receive payments. Limepay offers two of the popular gateways that are Coinbase and Stripe. Do know that Limepay is a platform that lets anyone pay with bitcoin as well. As it accepts multiple cryptocurrencies, Coinbase is one such gateway that offers secure transactions.

For setting up payment processors, choose the way you would be like to get paid online. For banking and credit card transactions, set up an account with Stripe, and for cryptocurrencies, set up an account with Coinbase if you don’t have it already. The link will take you to the Strip or Coinbase platforms where you will fill the form and start receiving money quickly as soon as you set up. It is easy breezy!

The Payme link that will take you to the Payme page for choosing your choice of transaction method, offering you to let the client pay you directly with Limepay. You can even embed the Payme link on your website and start receiving money from your clients for the services you offer.

Create Impressive Invoices

One thing that helps in receiving money quickly from your clients is by sending them impressive invoices. According to your business niche, choose an attractive invoice template.

The next step will be creating an invoice systematically. Make sure you do not miss out on any information and incorporate all the charges. If you miss out on anything and ask the client again for paying you, it will show unprofessionalism.

To create the invoice with Limepay, click on the new invoice tab, and add the customer. Fill up the form with the details asked. Project name, due date, message for the client to payment options, all is clear on the page. Once you fill the information all that is left to do is to hit the send button. You can also send reminders that the client will receive 48 hours before the due date. This way, it helps to ensure that the client doesn’t miss out on the payment date.

Steps to setup Payme Service Page

The instructions are pretty simple! You will see a tab for Payme service page in your account. Click on it, and a popup window will appear that will tell you to create a Payme link. It will be a unique link that you can use to send it directly to your clients where they can clear your dues.

Configuring the Payme page:

• Upload your photo or logo of your business entity
• Enter the name of your business or individual
• A message for your clients! Write in a friendly note for a positive impression of your business.
• Choose the payment method. You will have three alternatives – credit card, bank transfer, and a choice for sending cryptocurrency. By making your selection of the payment method, you let the client know about the way you are willing to receive the dues.
• Lastly, selecting alternatives to pay the transaction charges. You can choose to pay all the fee charges by yourself or ask the client to pay instead. Also, now you have the opportunity to split the fees in half with the client.

One of the best features of the Payme service by Limepay is that it also lets you set up a payment button that you can embed on your website or social media channels. People can donate money, or you can set up services on your website where a client can pay directly by using the Payme Button.

To setup Payme Button:

• Click on the Payme Page Tab
• Next to the Pay with Limepay tab, click on edit
• You will get the option to configure the text of the Button, and size.
• Copy the code that you see and add that CSS code to your website page or other social media platforms that allow embedded links.

Finding that one software that takes care of the payments, generates attractive invoices, lets you configure the application as per your choice and need is hard to find. Limepay is an intelligent invoice software application that is intuitive. It gives one the choice to expand business globally without hassles. With a minimal transaction fee and option to split the charges with the recipients, it is one hot software application in the market. You can pay with bitcoin or any cryptocurrency of your choice and maintain a wallet with Limepay.