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How to Easily Download Leads From the Facebook Ads Manager

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If you are here it means one of two things –  you either run Facebook Ads for your own business or are you provide Facebook ads as a service to your clients.  Either way, you already have Facebook ads running, and once you start getting leads from those ads the next problem is how do you download all those leads in one place and collect them. 

Also, how do you make sure that these leaves are properly connected so that the leads that you spent so much money to acquire do not get wasted just because of a lazy sales team or inefficient processes!

This means you need to be able to download and keep your Facebook lives in one place and there are multiple ways to do that.

1. The Hard Way

The simplest solution is downloading the leads in excel sheets! Android this sounds like a decent Idea initially very soon it turns into a mess because after 10 of 15 Excel sheets it is impossible to find where any particular leads are or to manage them

Plus this is just about your own leaves but if you start offering Facebook lead generation as a service then the complexity increases exponentially because now there are multiple clients and multiple sheets for each client which means you have to manage hundreds of Excel sheets and make sure that none of them actually get mixed up!

2. The easy way

Another way is to set up an automated sales system like TeleCRM to manage your Facebook leads that is to automatically capture the leads when they come on Facebook and then send those leads to the right workspaces and even distribute them to the right sales agents automatically based on predefined logic that you initially define!

The process is super simple to understand and deploy. Once you have decided you can get started within 5 minutes. Here are the steps

a. You sign up on TeleCRM with your Google account,  or you can also sign up with your email address, whichever you prefer.
Next, you have to go into the integrations page where you will see the option to log in with Facebook
c) Once you are logged in with Facebook you will see the option to select the right page that you want to integrate with the CRM.
d) Once you have selected the right page the next step is to select the lead form which you want to integrate with the CRM. Here you see a list of all the lead forms available for integration
e) Once you select the right form you can proceed to the next step. where you have to define the distribution logic based on which the lead captured from Facebook will be distributed to your sales agents automatically in real-time
f) The final step is to select an appropriate name for the campaign and create the campaign which you can then monitor in real-time!

Running an agency or business is hard as it is and there is no reason why why you should stick to manual ways of doing things and make it even harder on yourself. These are just some of the ways in which you can automate your Facebook ads and lead generation workflows. We extensively cover more ways to reduce your work by using tools and automation for your repetitive and robotic workflows! You can check out all the tips in great detail on the TeleCRM blog!