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All Facts About Stella Hudgens

Everything You Need to Know About Vanessa's Younger Sister

Stella Hudgens made her first appearance on television in 2002 at the age of seven on an episode of “American Family.” Born on the 13th of November in 1995 in Salinas, California, the former child actress has been featured in numerous movies including “The Memory Thief” (2007), “16” and “Missing” (2015), and “Mr. Hollywood” (2015). She also appeared in “Deeply Irresponsible” in 2007.

Stella’s rise to stardom is not really a big surprise. Of course, she is the younger of Vanessa Hudgens, the “High School Musical” star.

Having a sibling already established is certainly beneficial, especially if they are as prominent as Vanessa Hudgens. There is no doubting the fact that the fame of her elder sister adds some credence to the rise of Stella. But this does not presuppose that she is living in her sister’s shadow. Far from it! Stella Hudgens has her own personality and her fans love her for it. She has worked for her fame and she is set to take on more of the world.

So, who is Stella Hudgens?

Stella is a well-known face in the entertainment industry. She is famous for her aforementioned movie roles and is the daughter of Greg Hudgens and Gina Guanco.

Stella Hudgens as a Model

Apart from her acting career, Stella has also dabbled into the world of modelling, joining many other popular celebrities to star in the campaign for Mudd. She wasn’t the only celebrity sibling to star in the new spring campaign. Others like Cody Simpson’s sister, Alli, and Miley Cyrus’ sister, Noah, also made it into the campaign. We can expect to see many celebrity siblings enter the entertainment space within the next couple of season as it seems everyone wants to have their share of fame. Of course, the sky is the limit for all of them. The fans are always on the lookout and ready to celebrate new stars.

Stella Hudgens’ Love Life

Stella’s first boyfriend was one of the handsome hunks of Hollywood, Dylan Efron. The relationship seemed to be on top gear for some months. But within a year of their relationship, the love story went out of the window, so Stella was back on the shelf again. Next, she was seen with the American singer, Cody Simpson, but that lasted only a few months. She also became involved with the American actor and singer, Jaden Smith, Alec Holden and Beau Brooks.

Stella Hudgens’ Net Worth

Judging from the lifestyles of Hollywood stars, one would assume they have some money minting machine stuck available at any given time. But Stella has worked hard and is building her net worth.

Stella and Her Famous Friends

The common saying, birds of feather, flock together clearly apply to Stella Hudgens. If you are following Stella on Instagram, you definitely would have seen her posing with some famous celebrities of Hollywood. Stella is friends with Bella Thorne, Kyle Massey and Willow Smith. She is also a foodie to the core. Stella loves food and this could be seen in the various pictures of variety of foods she regularly posts on her social media pages (particularly Instagram).

Stella’s Relationship with Sister Vanessa

The relationship between the two siblings is definitely worth talking about. Stella and her sister Vanessa have been seen on several occasions having family time together (including a recent stroll in Beverly Hills). The two have also been spotted shopping together. Who says having a bestie in your sibling is not possible? These two are sure good friends! Follow Stella’s Instagram to see a lot of photos with her sister.