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Influencers on Instagram vs. TikTok: Which One You Should Work With?

Influencers are the key players in any marketing campaign. Whether it is social media or email marketing, influencers help build a solid customer base for your business. They create viral organic content, bringing you more exposure and driving more followers to your brand. 

With the emergence of new apps like TikTok and Instagram, brands have to closely watch their competitors and be ready to pivot when needed. They should also ensure they are working with the right influencers. So how do you decide between an Instagram influencer and a TikTok influencer? This blog will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision!

TikTok vs. Instagram


Influencer marketing is a crucial strategy for brands to reach their target audience. However, it can be confusing to choose between TikTok and Instagram. Both platforms have different algorithms, user bases, engagement rates, and possibilities for social commerce. TikTok has a younger audience that is highly engaged, and users spend more time on the platform. In contrast, Instagram has a larger audience with a broader age range, but the competition among influencers is fierce. Before deciding to partner with an influencer, it is essential to consider the brand’s target audience and age range to determine which platform has the most potential. Ultimately, the choice between TikTok and Instagram depends on what best suits the brand’s goals and target audience.

Type of content

When choosing between Instagram and TikTok for influencer marketing, there are several factors to consider. While both platforms offer similar features, they have subtle differences in their audience, engagement, and advertising capabilities.

TikTok is known for its virality; influencer campaigns often go viral quickly. Meanwhile, Instagram offers a more mature audience, with a higher likelihood of converting followers into customers. Regarding advertising, Instagram Reels outperforms TikTok ads in terms of reach, CPC, and CPM.

Ultimately, the choice between Instagram and TikTok depends on your brand’s target audience and type of content. Experimenting with both platforms may lead to the best use of Instagram and TikTok in advertising. Whether you work with influencers on Instagram or TikTok, it’s essential to understand the differences and unique benefits each platform can offer for your brand.

Audience type

When it comes to influencer marketing, it’s essential to choose the right social media platform for your brand. TikTok and Instagram are two of the most prominent players in the game, but they have subtle differences in their algorithms, audiences, engagement, and social commerce.

TikTok has a younger audience, mainly under 35, and they are more responsive to advertising than Instagram. Additionally, TikTok has more users spending more time on the app than Instich, an older platform with a primarily unchanged user base. However, Instagram is still an excellent platform for influencer marketing campaigns, especially if your brand’s target audience is in their mid-twenties to thirties.

Ultimately, the choice between TikTok and Instagram depends on the brand’s target audience and content. However, both platforms can be great for influencer marketing if the strategy is tailored to the specific platform and audience.

E-commerce features

Deciding whether to work with influencers on Instagram or TikTok depends on several factors. While both platforms have similarities, they also have subtle differences in algorithms, audiences, engagement, and social commerce. For example, TikTok influencer campaigns tend to have high engagement rates and effectively target younger audiences. Conversely, Instagram’s audience is more evenly split between males and females and is slightly older.

Both platforms allow advertising, but TikTok ads may not be as successful as Instagram Reels ads in terms of reach and cost. Ultimately, brands must experiment with both platforms to see which unique features work best for their business. For example, while TikTok may be better for brands targeting a younger crowd, Instagram may be better suited for those trying to reach a more diverse and mature audience. By understanding the differences between these two popular social media platforms, businesses can decide where to focus their influencer marketing efforts.

Influencer marketing features

When deciding which social media platform to work with for influencer marketing campaigns, it’s essential to consider the pros and cons of each. TikTok, with its high engagement rates and younger user base, has the potential for campaigns to go viral quickly. However, Instagram’s established aesthetic and polished look provide opportunities for more visually pleasing influencer partnerships.

It’s important to note that Instagram and TikTok have their niche and influencers with slightly different characteristics. Therefore, selecting the right influencers for your campaign is crucial, considering engagement metrics and content quality.

In targeting a younger audience and creating brand challenges, TikTok may be the way to go to target a younger audience and create brand challenges. But, if seeking a more traditional influencer marketing campaign, Instagram may be the better choice. Ultimately, it depends on the brand’s goals and target audience.

TikTok influencers are tech-savvy in video, audio, and editing

Regarding working with influencers, both Instagram and TikTok have their strengths. However, the tech-savviness of TikTok influencers cannot be overlooked. TikTok’s user interface is tailored to accommodate in-app editing and filtering features, which require some expertise from influencers. This app is excellent for businesses targeting new audiences because of its vast and growing user base. TikTok encourages total views instead of partial ones, increasing the number of impressions. TikTok’s audio library and editing/filming features are also more advanced than Instagram’s, giving a greater degree of control to non-professional videographers. So if you want to create a unique campaign that capitalizes on technological and video advancements, working with TikTok influencers might be your best choice.

TikTok influencers’ content are more organic and homemade

In social media, deciding between Instagram and TikTok influencers to work with is difficult. Both platforms have pros and cons, but one thing to consider is the authenticity and organic nature of the content they create.

TikTok influencers tend to be more relatable and authentic than their Instagram counterparts. Their content has a more homemade and raw feel, which resonates well with the audience. This authenticity leads to higher engagement with followers, resulting in greater reach and influence.

Moreover, TikTok videos have the potential to go viral quickly due to their unique algorithm, which can contribute to a broader audience reach than Instagram. Therefore, if you are looking for organic and relatable content with a wider reach, TikTok influencers are the way to go.

TikTok influencers are into challenges and user choices

Influencers are an essential part of any brand’s social media strategy. Brands are looking for options to work with influencers on different platforms. TikTok is focused on challenges and user-generated content.

TikTok has higher engagement rates than other social networks, especially for smaller influencers. As a result, brands need to create relevant content quickly and stay on top of the latest trends on TikTok. Meanwhile, Instagram is a more polished platform for influencers to showcase their style and travel. However, fewer TikTok posts address mental health literacy compared to Instagram. Understanding the differences between Instagram and TikTok will help your brand form better influencer partnerships.

TikTok influencers have fewer competitors at the moment

Knowing what sets them apart is essential when choosing between TikTok and Instagram for influencer marketing campaigns. One crucial advantage TikTok has over Instagram because of its fewer competitors, making it easier to collaborate with the relatively new yet rapidly growing TikTok influencers. In fact, the number of accounts on Instagram is way higher than on TikTok. That’s why many influencers want to sell their Instagram accounts using marketplaces like Socialtradia.

In addition, brands can create brand challenges and sponsored content that buzzes on this app, generating more authentic content that resonates with the audience. TikTok will be the most downloaded app in 2021 and has a vast audience that offers extensive engagement rates with Gen-Z and millennials.

On the other hand, Instagram offers a platform for more stabilized and mature influencers that target an older audience. Instagram also engages a broader audience with quality content creation and storytelling format. Pricing for influencers can vary depending on their follower count and level of engagement. Both TikTok and Instagram have unique benefits, and it’s essential to evaluate your brand’s objectives to determine which platform meets your needs.


In this day and age, social media is a crucial marketing platform for brands. It has become even more so with the advent of short-form video apps like TikTok. With new influencer marketing platforms like TikTok coming up, it is time to update your marketing strategies. We hope this blog was helpful for you to compare influencers on Instagram vs. TikTok and pick the influencer marketing platform that best fits your brand and target audience. Feel free to comment below if you have any questions or concerns!