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Instacruze: 9 Instagram Story Stickers to Curate Interactive Content

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Instagram is one of the sought-after social media applications, especially for its engaging audiences and built-in interactive features. From individual users to reputed brands, make use of various features to meet their diverse demands. 

‘Stories’ by Instagram is an exclusive feature launched with the intention of sharing ephemeral content. It is a new way to interact with target audiences and stay connected with existing followers. Users who want to succeed in this competitive landscape buy automatic instagram impressions to boost reach and drive traffic to their profile in a short span. Likewise, there are a plethora of perks to reap from Instagram Stories. 

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The app gives access to visual assets such as stickers, emojis, filters, and more effects that enrich the value of content. Hope you’ve landed here to learn more about creating interactive content by embedding different types of story stickers. All right! Keep reading this article to grasp what you expect. 

  1. Countdown Sticker

Counting down numbers create hype and curiosity among audiences about a particular topic of interest. So whether your loved one’s big day is coming or you need to announce a product launch, a countdown sticker will be handy for you. 

Simply search for the sticker in the Story section and add it to your post. An added advantage is that you can customize the sticker with the date, time, and color as per your need. 

  1. Location Sticker

According to Instagram statistics, a post with location tags garners more views and engagement when compared to others. So imagine you are tagging location details to your story. Then, it will be visible to public audiences. 

People who look for similar locations will get to see your story, and there are chances to engage with it. Merely click on the location sticker and pick the area you want to add to the map. This sticker will be beneficial for businesses that have brick-and-mortar stores. 

  1. Hashtag Sticker 

Harness the power of hashtags! It is a common saying for social media channels like Instagram. Of course, it is simpler to add hashtags for the feed posts. But for Stories? You can embed clickable hashtag stickers to expand your reach. 

Either you can add common hashtags or branded hashtags based on your requirement. Then, simply clicking on that hashtag will let you discover content with the same tags. In addition to relevant hashtags, reach out to Instacruze to increase views and expand content reach organically. 

  1. Time & Weather Sticker

Do you want to share live moments with your audience via visual posts? Fine! Capture an image or video and upload it to your story with a time and weather sticker. This lets your followers know what you are currently doing and how you spend time. It is well-suited for brands to come out of the promotional zone and engage with loyal customers through casual content. 

  1. Poll Sticker 

Though there are different ways to interact with the audience on Instagram, using stickers is more convenient. If you are confused about choosing between several options or know the audience’s interests, a poll sticker will help you. 

Just attach a poll sticker and enhance it with additional elements to grab the audience’s attention. With this sticker, you can ask for your target audience’s feedback, likes, and dislikes. Then, based on the viewer’s response, you can tweak your marketing strategy accordingly. 

  1. Question Sticker 

You may be a creator, influencer, or brand marketer on Instagram. It is necessary to engage with the audience to build trust and expand your circle. Use a question sticker to get a suggestion or recommendation from your loyal followers. 

On the other hand, you can encourage your audience to ask questions about you or your brand and respond to them with suitable answers. For instance, add an Ask Me Anything in question sticker and share it on your profile. As a result, you will receive a reply from potential audiences. It’s amazing, right? 

  1. Music Sticker 

Similar to the Reels feature, it is possible to add music to jazz up your story content. The only thing you need to do is add a music sticker to your post and search for the appropriate soundtrack, music, or song that you want from the app’s Music library. Instead of sharing plain content, this kind of story will create a positive vibe among your audiences. Also, there are chances to gather more followers for your profile. 

  1. GIF Sticker 

Sharing just an image or video might be boring for the viewers. In order to convey specific information and keep the audience engaged, you can add GIF stickers. Instagram made everything convenient for users by including all the essential elements within the application. 

Yes, you have a dedicated library of GIFs from which you can select the relevant one and add it to your image or video Story. Obviously, this sticker will enhance the appearance of your content and make it more effective than before. 

  1. Link Sticker 

These days, Instagram is widely used by brands to promote their products or services and drive sales. But there is no specific option to add clickable links in the feed posts. In that instance, you can make use of a Link sticker to promote a particular product and let your audience buy from a respective link hassle-free. 

The link sticker is best for brands, businesses, influencers, and affiliate marketers to assist their audiences. Whatever the objective you want to attain, avail the support of Instacruze to ease your growth and strengthen your profile in a short while. 

Closing Thoughts 

Instagram story stickers are not just a fun way to interact with peers but also great for brands to build an authentic social presence. Whoever you are and whatever niche you belong to, think from your audience’s perspective and decide what they would like to see. Then, search for stickers and add them to enrich the value of your story content. You could see a big difference or great response from your target audiences. So, make it wisely and worth your time. 

Good luck!