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Nobody Understands Me. Why Would a Therapist Get Me? 

It’s a painful feeling to be misunderstood. The reality is human beings are all different, and not everybody can understand us. The good news is: you know yourself. You might not get everything about you, but there’s nobody that can be just like you. When you’re having mental health troubles, it can feel lonely. You might think: “nobody understands what I’m going through, so why bother talking about it?” But there’s someone out there who gets it. If you find the right therapist, that person can be there for you and help you navigate through your mental health issues.

Why would I talk to a therapist about my problems?

You already feel like nobody gets you, so what’s the harm in trying to talk to someone new? That might sound strange, but the worst thing that could happen is this person doesn’t get it either. You need to take a risk when it comes to therapy. You have to believe in what you can’t yet see. Try to have a little faith that therapists have gone into this profession for a reason. They want to help people like you. Take the first step and reveal one thing about yourself to a therapist. Their job is to help you work through complex emotional issues. Start with the something that’s bothering you the most. For example, let’s say you’re feeling depressed. You can say, “I am feeling down.” Your therapist can help you dive into that feeling and talk about it more. You might be thinking, “why would I talk to a stranger?” Sometimes it’s easier to talk to someone who doesn’t know you since they’re impartial and the stakes are lower. You can say anything you want to this person. 

Your friends and family are biased, but a therapist isn’t

A therapist isn’t a “paid friend.” They’re a mental health professional who’s unbiased and experienced in helping people with their struggles. Your friends and family are well-meaning individuals, but they are not therapists. When you talk to a mental health professional, they’re well-versed in dealing with emotional issues such as yours. You may feel like your problems are unique. While you’re different from every other person, it’s unlikely that you have entirely different issues from anyone else in the world. A therapist can help you feel like you are not alone. Your friends and family may not understand you despite them trying their hardest. But a therapist wants to understand. They’re dedicated to getting to know you so they can help you feel less alone.

Therapy takes time. Try to be patient

When you’re used to feeling misunderstood, you might be impatient with people getting to know you. Try to be a little patient with the therapeutic process. Going to therapy is an emotional investment, and you get out of it what you put into it. If you go in with a positive attitude and an open mind, you are likely to gain more from the therapeutic process. If you go in thinking it’s not going to work, it probably won’t. Try to be open-minded and understand that many people have benefited from therapy. You can be one of those individuals if you give it a try. 

Be honest with your therapist, and you will reap the rewards

When you’re feeling misunderstood, it’s natural that you don’t want to open up. But, it’s essential to do so. You can start by being honest with your therapist. If you’re skeptical about therapy and think it’s a bunch of nonsense, you can say that. You can say, “I don’t think therapy is going to work for me.” That is a valid place to start a session. You can tell your therapist anything you want. It’s your treatment, and you have the right to express yourself. Your therapist cares about your feelings and will not judge you.

Why not try therapy?

Think about it, why not try therapy? What’s the worst that could happen? Maybe you don’t like it, but what if you do? You might benefit tremendously from seeing a therapist. You could try working with a therapist in your local area or check out the therapists at BetterHelp. Online therapy is an excellent place to get help for your mental health. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help even if you do feel misunderstood. A therapist could be the person who gets you.

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