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How not to bring back ‘Will & Grace’

The digital mini-reunion has sparked talk of a full-fledged reboot. But which version of the once-brilliant show will we get?

From Campaign US: It was two minutes into the recent “Will & Grace” reunion mini-episode when I remembered exactly why I had lost interest in this Emmy Award-winning sitcom. “Stan had to have something drained from his new anus,” proclaimed Megan Mullally, AKA spoiled socialite Karen, moments after entering Will and Grace’s apartment chanting “Trump!” and waving two American flags.

After several more minutes of crass putdowns (“Grace, did you hear what your pussy gay Muslim boyfriend just said?” screeches Karen when Will criticizes Trump), Sean Hayes bounds into the scene complaining that Brangelina’s divorce is overshadowing his breakup, and spewing his own brand of political nonsense, threatening not to vote by “staying home Dec. 1st.”

In the words of Seinfeld’s Mulva, obviously there’s been no growth here. For more at Campaign US, click here


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  1. I agree, wholeheartedly, that Rosario was not used enough in the later seasons and would love to see more of her, if they do bring the show back. However, I think I have read that Shelley Morrison is not doing well, physically. Maybe that was just a rumor, though.

  2. Most hit shows manage to capture a certain magic that is incredibly hard to recapture.

    Actually, most shows lose that magic after a few seasons (generally through the creator(s) and key people moving on).

    It darn near impossible to recapture as was shown by the Hunter reunion, the 24 return, the X-Files whatever-that-was and countless reunion movies (back when they still made TV movies). While some managed to be entertaining (like the Wild Wild West movie), none that I can think of really recaptured the original magic.

    X-Files is a case in point, I think, as it had become creatively stale 5 seasons before it ended and all attempts at making it better failed miserably.

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