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Positive Start for ‘Disenchantment’ as Netflix’s Third-Youngest Skewing Debut To-Date

Disenchantment“, the animated comedy series from The Simpsons and Futurama creator Matt Groening about a princess of a medieval fantasy kingdom known as Dreamland, got off to a decent start for Netflix during its premiere weekend of Aug. 17-19, according to Nielsen’s SVOD Content Ratings.

Within the first three days of its availability (8/17-8/19), the show’s first episode received an average minute audience of 4.4 million viewers (U.S. audience only); over 3.2 million or 73 percent of that audience stemmed from the Persons 18-49 demographic.

Within the first three days of its availability (8/17-8/19), the show’s first 10 episodes received an average minute audience of nearly 2.1 million viewers; about 1.6 million among adults 18-49.

“Disenchantment” delivered similar aggregated viewing levels to Netflix’s “Lost in Space” (6.6 million vs. 6.4 million) across the episodes. In addition, the demographic skew between the two series were similar, with both being predominantly male and with those viewers accounting for 60 percent of the audience.

But where “Disenchantment” differs from “Lost in Space” is in median age, with the audience for the animated program skewing much younger (29 years old) than for the reboot of the classic sci-fi series (43 years old).

Of the Netflix originals analyzed, “Disenchantment” had one of the youngest audiences for premiere day with the exception of “13 Reasons Why” and “Fuller House” (each, a median age of 25 years old). In comparison, Stranger Things (Season 2) had a median age of 30.

“Disenchantment” Average Minute Audience from First Three Days of Availability (Aug. 17-19, 2018)

Episodes 1-10 (Averages)
Household rating: 1.4
Households: 1.653 million
Total viewers: 2.075 million
Adults 18-49: 1.566 million

Episode 1
Household rating: 2.8
Households: 3.396 million
Total viewers: 4.400 million
Adults 18-49: 3.228 million

Episode 2
Household rating: 2.3
Households: 2.743 million
Total viewers: 3.691 million
Adults 18-49: 2.788 million

Episode 3
Household rating: 2.0
Households: 2.422 million
Total viewers: 3.230 million
Adults 18-49: 2.495 million

Episode 4
Household rating: 1.5
Households: 1.741 million
Total viewers: 2.130 million
Adults 18-49: 1.616 million

Episode 5
Household rating: 1.1
Households: 1.366 million
Total viewers: 1.708 million
Adults 18-49: 1.300 million

Episode 6
Household rating: 1.0
Households: 1.181 million
Total viewers: 1.399 million
Adults 18-49: 1.067 million

Episode 7
Household rating: 0.8
Households: 0.986 million
Total viewers: 1.078 million
Adults 18-49: 0.822 million

Episode 8
Household rating: 0.7
Households: 0.834 million
Total viewers: 0.915 million
Adults 18-49: 0.711 million

Episode 9
Household rating: 0.6
Households: 0.703 million
Total viewers: 0.754 million
Adults 18-49: 0.568 million

Episode 10
Household rating: 0.5
Households: 0.647 million
Total viewers: 0.759 million
Adults 18-49: 0.573 million

Source: Nielsen SVOD Content Ratings; U.S. viewership only