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The Secret Sauce: Why ‘Will & Grace’ is Working as a Revival

Unlike the array of single-camera comedies on NBC over the years, "Will & Grace" makes us laugh at a tumultuous time in our country.

I admit it. I did not want NBC to revive “Will & Grace.” Once a fan, I was so disgusted by the lack of character development in the original sitcom, I stopped watching regularly during the Harry Connick, Jr. era and beyond, which would have been the last four seasons of the original 1998-2006 run. When were these characters—Will (Eric McCormack), Grace (Debra Messing), Jack (Sean Hayes) and Karen (Megan Mullally)—going to grow up, I wondered.

I couldn’t even get through the series finale, when—egads!—we flash to the future and learn that Will and Grace’s children move into the same dorm together, and 20 years have gone by since the pair have even communicated. Honey, that just sounded like complete bullshit to me—almost as bad as John Goodman’s Dan Conner “dying” in the finale of ABC’s “Roseanne.”

Considering Goodman is returning as good ol’ Dan in ABC’s upcoming revival of “Roseanne,” I guess that, too, was all a dream! For more, click here