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Seeso Orders Dramedy ‘There’s Johnny!’

Scripted Series to Include Footage from 'The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson'

Digital streamer Seeso has ordered “There’s Johnny,” a coming of age story set in 1970s Los Angeles, when “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson” first moved from New York to Burbank. Written by Paul Reiser and David Steven Simon (“Mad About You”), and executive produced by Reiser, Simon and David Gordon Green (“Vice Principals”), “There’s Johnny” follows the lives and challenges of Andy, a 19-year-old Nebraskan who stumbles his way into a job at “The Tonight Show” and Joy, a young talent coordinator on the show, as they both try to find their way and prove themselves in this period of cultural and political upheaval. The show will touch on major historical events of the time, including the Vietnam War, Nixon, and the strengthening counter-culture, as well the show’s status as one of the most popular and important cultural institution of its day.

Produced in conjunction with the Carson Estate, Johnny Carson’s nephew, Jeff Sotzing, will also executive produce.

“Growing up, the coolest thing imaginable was to someday get on “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson” and make Johnny laugh. The fact that I got to do that was a dream come true, and going back now to explore that world, and pay homage to Johnny and that golden time is an absolute joy,” said Paul Reiser.

With access to the full Carson archives, the comedy will intertwine live action with authentic footage of Johnny and his guests on screen. The series will focus on the people behind the scenes of the legendary late-night show, while Johnny will be portrayed as a looming presence.