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Series Low Overnights for Four of the Six New Midseason Entries

The Future Looks Grim for NBC's 'Strong' and 'Game of Silence;' Fox's 'American Grit' and 'Rush Hour' on CBS

THURSDAY 4/28/16

Household Rating/Share
ABC and CBS: 4.9 rating/8 share, NBC: 2.8/ 5, Fox: 2.0/ 3, CW: 1.2/ 2

Percent Change from the Year-Ago Evening:
CW: +33, ABC and CBS: -14 each, NBC: -18, Fox: -20


Ratings Breakdown:
The overnight household ratings continued to slip for four of the six midseason launches: “Strong” and “Game of Silence” on NBC, “American Grit” on Fox and CBS’ “Rush Hour,” which all sunk to series lows. Reality/competition “Strong” opened the evening for NBC with a 1.8 rating/3 share in the household overnights at 8 p.m. (#4), which slipped by 10 percent from the 2.0/ 3 one week earlier and 14 percent from a repeat of “The Blacklist” on the year-ago evening (2.4/ 4 on 4/28/15).

Next on NBC was “The Blacklist” at a solid (and second place) 5.0/ 8 at 9 p.m., which increased from the second-half-hour of lead-in “Strong” (1.7/ 3) by 194 percent. And “Game of Silence” followed with a third-place 2.1/ 3 at 10 p.m., which dropped by nine percent from the 2.1/ 3 one week earlier and 40 percent from a Thursday 10 p.m. airing of “Dateline” on the year-ago evening (2.4/ 4 on 4/28/15).

Fox’s “American Grit,” also a reality competition, scored a mere 1.3/ 2 in the household overnights at 9 p.m., which was one-tenth of a rating point (or seven percent) below the 1.4/ 2 one week earlier. Failed detective drama “Backstrom,” starring Rainn Wilson, averaged a 2.0/ 3 in this time period on the year-ago evening.

Comparably, “American Grit” slipped by 54 percent from lead-in “Bones” #3: 2.8/ 5 at 8 p.m.).

“Rush Hour” on CBS, meanwhile, finished second at 10 p.m. with a 2.6/ 5 in the household overnights, which dropped from lead-in “2 Broke Girls” (#3: 4.2/ 7 at 9:30 p.m.) by 38 percent. Comparably, this was a hefty 47 percent below the 4.9/ 9 for “Elementary” on the year-ago evening.

“The Big Bang Theory” on CBS, of course, led the night with a 9.3/16 in households at 8 p.m. Next was “The Odd Couple” at a second-place 5.1/ 8 at 8:30 p.m., which will begin also airing on Monday at 9:30 p.m. ET next week, followed by “Mom” at a dominant 5.3/ 9 in the 9 p.m. half-hour.

Elsewhere, it was Thursday household overnight business as usual for ABC with its line-up of “Grey’s Anatomy” (#2: 6.1/10), “Scandal” (#1: 5.0/ 8) and recently entry “The Catch” (#21: 3.6/ 6), which dropped from “Scandal” by 28 percent. And The CW featured “D.C. Legends of Tomorrow” (#5: 1.4/ 2) and “The 100” (#5: 0.9/ 1), which were also at typical overnight levels.

Source: Nielsen Media Research


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  1. An interesting early lead for The Real O’Neals in your abc poll Marc. I like the show but feel it’s still finding its feet. Let’s hope a second series sees the show hot its straps.

  2. There are two problems with the networks’ approach:

    1) Not enough replacement shows.

    With the disaster that is their regular schedule, they need not to renew endlessly their flops but use the money to try and find hits.

    6 midseason shows is just not enough.

    2) Show from the same failed producers.

    As long as they keep following the blueprint that led them to failure, they’ll keep failing.

    A lot of the problem is that the networks no longer have the money to keep producing enough ridiculously-expensive and low rated shows to properly program their networks.

    But that’s where you get creative and look outside the box to new creators who can make lower-budgeted shows.

    That’s how TV started.

    But their mindset is that a TV show must cost a huge amount of money (the information is coming from their buddies who take huge fees out of those ‘minimum” budgets!) and until it changes, we can get ready or more of the same unwatchable bunch of shows.

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