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Smart Home Technology for Smart People

Everything is smart today, the mobile phones, the gadgets, the electronics and now even the homes. With the advancement in technology, it is great to discover more engaging ideas to make our lives easier. To choose the right option that will suit your home or garage, you can always look for product guidelines and reviews online, tested by experts at product guidelines and reviews.

In this guide, we’ll be seeing some of those smart options like Dash Symons intercoms that you can use for your home.

So, let us have a quick tour of Smart Homes.

What are Smart Homes?

Smart Home is not an illusion any more. As the technology is developing, so is our ease. With installing some gadgets you can easily make a dream home. So all the Iron Man fans! cheer as you can also use all those gadgets as Tony Stark does.

Do you know what the best part of smart homes is? They aren’t too expensive. You don’t have to be a millionaire if you want your smart home. All you need is some devices installed that will revive your house and give it a great look. And these devices can all be managed by a home automation controller with ease (don’t worry if technology isn’t your strong suit!) 

  • Fundamental Smart Home

Starting with some basic household tools via which you can turn your house as you dreamt of. They are affordable, easy and quick to access. So let us have a look at the devices.

  • Smarter TVs

Smart Tv is something which most of us own. It is like a normal Tv but it facilitates you to watch anything. Unlike traditional tv, you can switch anything at any time. You can watch your favourite movies, listen to songs and watch the news and even your daily shows when you wish too. 

Get a subscription to Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hulu and stay tuned to watch your favourite content.

You can even connect them to your smart speakers and make them smarter.

  • Speakers that understand you

Adding to this basic list speakers has an important role to play. Now with smart speakers, you can play songs which it does obviously but you can even ask it to find songs through the internet and play it. 

It can give you weather updates. It can even give you news updates. You can count them as your assistant, as they always remind you of what you have told them to remember. They look like a central controller. 

They can adjust their volume on your one order, increase or decrease the AC. You can even turn on and off your lights. Ask Alexa or Siri and they will do this way better than any other human.

  • Smarter Thermostat

Adding to this smart thermostat can also be included. They are capable of controlling the temperature of your home. They can be scheduled in case nobody is at home. 

Smart Thermostats come with sensors that sense the temperature and change accordingly.

  • Smart Plugs

As the name suggests smart plugs have the power to add smartness to any ordinary device. Just plug it into any normal device and they will behave like a smart device and thus you can now access and control that device. 

As per your instructions, the device will behave. This is what a smart plug does.

  • Lightning Solutions

Light automation involves two options for you. The first option is to buy smart light switches. Once they are installed you can control them through the application. And the second one is buying smart Bulbs. This is similar to smart plugs. 

Replacing old bulbs with the smarter one will help you make your normal lights turn smart. 

You can switch with any of the options. Installing smart light switches is quite affordable but the installation process is complicated while on the other hand, smart bulbs are very expensive but it’s easier to replace old bulbs with the newer ones. So choose according to your requirement and budget.

  • Smart Vacuums

Another great invention is robot vacuums. You can control them using your smart device. They are built using AI technology and then can use their brain to sense things and function.

  • Smarter Kitchen equipment

A home is incomplete without a kitchen. So how we can neglect the kitchen with smartness. Let us see which kitchen devices you can buy:

Smarter Ovens

As the name suggests smart ovens can be controlled by your mobile or they can even be controlled by Alexa from anywhere. They allow you to set the time and temperature through the application. Thus, a smart way to cook.

Refrigerator with sensors

They give you every minute detail how many times the refrigerator has been open? They also alert when the fridge is opened. If by mistake you left the gate open it will even alert you about that. The information is either sent to your application or physically from the unit location.

Active Dishwashers

You can get an idea when you have washed the dishes when to start/stop the load. This application runs over the same application as the oven and refrigerator as they are built by the same companies.

Intelligent Laundry

Laundry doesn’t come in the kitchen section but since they all use a similar application we explained it here. 

You can check the status just like you do for the dishwasher. You can start, stop and check the load. It will notify and ask you to get things finished.

Automatic Coffee Maker

One of my favourite inventions. So, when you need a cup of coffee start brewing it with your mobile application. Till you reach your coffee will be ready.

  • Smarter Bathrooms

A smart home is incomplete without a smart bathroom. Therefore let us have a list of products that you can involve in your bathroom to make it smarter.

Smart Toilets.

I hope you are aware of the concept of smart toilets. The taps that have sensors. The automatic bowl cleaner. It deodorizer the toilet automatically

Smart windows Solutions.

This makes your window smart. So, it has to be installed over the window. Now it will turn itself to an opaque window from a normal one. It resists the UV rays to enter and thus helps in maintaining temperature.

  • Smart Heating System

Your smart home is never complete without a smart heating system. Giving yourself a comfortable ambiance to stay and continue your work. With smart home heaters, you can keep the controlled heating of your home throughout winter.

Indoor Smart Heater

Indoor smart heaters are basically space heaters. They are installed in your room to heat a specific area. If you have a floor space of 100-300 square feet, installing such a device would be very handy.

Outdoor Smart Heater

If you wish to spend more time on the patio, consider investing in smart outdoor heaters. They are large space heaters that are used to warm up an open space. Outdoor smart heaters are available in both electric and green gas-powered units.

  • Security

Installing a security device will help you monitor what’s going on in your house and garages.

CCTVs camera

CCTV cameras are installed around your home that keeps an eye on every activity at your home 24/7. This will alert you for every activity.


These sensors are mostly installed on the doors and window by which one can enter. So if someone tries to go inside your home then it will automatically alert you about the activity.

Automated Locks

So now you can go keyless. The app does all for you. It will sense the passcode via the app. You can even apply the biometric fingerprint sensors.

Smart Door Bells

Even a doorbell camera is smart now. You cannot only just sense that someone is at the door but you can even see the video of the person standing outside. You can even talk to them without opening the door. 

  • Smart Medical Care

Giving your loved ones your undivided attention even when you are not with them by using smart home technology. Most of the people have adopted this to take care of their loved ones.

Activity Trackers

It tracks the daily activity of the patient or the family member. It will also track whether the patients have taken the medicines or not. It can be connected with your refrigerator to monitor what they are eating or drinking. You can even check what they are doing. Or they have left something open.

Medical Alert Button

This is a small handy button that you can tell to either wear in their necks or in hands which will be connected to their intercom system. So, in case of any emergency, it will redirect the call to the hospitals. 

The buttons are even so smart that they can sense whether you have worn it or not. So in case if it gets dropped it will immediately alert about it.


A smart home is a good technique to adopt. You can always monitor the activities at your home and even take care of your loved ones. It saves time and human effort. So if you are planning to adopt this technology then a big thumbs up.