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‘SNL’: Hosts Steve Martin and Martin Short Relay Their Eulogies of Each Other in Opening Monologue

During the opening monologue of the December 10, 2022 edition of NBC’s “SNL” (“Saturday Night Live“), Steve Martin and Martin Short reminisced about the previous times they’ve each hosted the program: Martin’s 16 and Short’s 3.

They also mentioned their starring roles in Hulu’s “Only Murders in the Building”, with Short wishing they could work together there forever. But Martin replied that cannot happen as they’ll both eventually die, prompting each host to read their prepared eulogies of each other.

Their “Only Murders” co-star Selena Gomez made a brief appearance on-stage at the conclusion of the monologue.

Watch the Steve Martin-Martin Short Monologue from “SNL” in its entirety below: