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‘SNL’: School Janitor’s Audience-Polarizing Story

In a skit on the March 5, 2022 edition of NBC’s “SNL” (“Saturday Night Live“), a teacher (Aidy Bryant) had hosted a writing workshop at a school. On the night of the class, the janitor (Oscar Isaac) interrupted the proceedings with his mop and swiftly apologized.

Noticing the notebook he was carrying, the teacher suggested he share the story he had written, to which he agreed. The tale was about a female named “Dua Lipa” who appeared at a school, and not only asked the janitor for directions but how to “make out” as well. It creeped out the teacher and her female students (Melissa Villasenor and Heidi Gardner), but the two male students (Chris Redd and James Austin Johnson) wanted to hear the story in its entirety.

Watch the Fiction Workshop skit from “SNL” in its entirety below: