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Social Media Saves The Day

How Digital Platforms Help Us Have Fun And Stay Connected While Social Distancing

Since the fledgling days of rudimentary cat videos, social media has brought us countless societal gems, participatory games, community challenges, and even calls to action. Through various platforms, otherwise timid individuals found their voice, niche hobbies found communities of like-minded enthusiasts, and millions of individuals looking for a quick release from a stressful day found solace in heartfelt content. Now, as the world collectively faces unprecedented conditions as a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic, social media provides an excellent platform for having fun, staying connected, and feeling a sense of community while social distancing. While social media has played an important role in reshaping the concept of connectivity prior to the pandemic, it is now an integral facet of communication. Short-video platforms like Zynn are championing individuals to express themselves, discover meaningful content, engage in fun activities, and remain connected. On the opposite end of the social spectrum, apps like Twitch enable long-form entertainment that allows users to engage in live game play, and real-time communication.

Express Yourself

Long before social distancing became the norm, strutting fashionistas created catwalks on the streets, flaunting their favorite style choices en route to the office. Elsewhere, creative makeup artists expressed their passion on eager customers at makeup counters, while performance artists lined tourist-heavy streets, sharing their craft with amused passersby. With these expressive activities now at a standstill, social media platforms provide an alternative solution for creatives ready to share their artistry with the world. Through digitally based platforms, users can express their creative visions, while maintaining appropriate social distancing restrictions.

Short-video streaming platforms like Zynn allow for the ultimate expression of all things fashion, beauty, art, gaming, and engaging in hobbies that would otherwise be shared in person. Through masterfully created 15 to 60 second clips, fashionistas can show off their favorite outfit creations, makeup artists can create swift bold lip tutorials, and musicians can showcase snippets of new songs. Inviting creativity, Zynn’s platform allows even novice users to create professional looking videos with added flairs of individuality, including a myriad of filters and stickers. Through these in-app creativity boosters, creative individuals can play around with self-expression not only through their content, but through the medium of creation. Through Zynn, and other social media platforms, users can express their authentic selves in meaningful ways during these unprecedented times.

For musicians seeking to broaden their audiences, or avid music fans searching for their new favorite song, SoundCloud proves to be an excellent way to explore the common bond of musical expression. Allowing users to upload their own tracks, SoundCloud fosters the power of musical expression, providing each user with the unique ability to reach their audience. Through SoundCloud’s extensive communication features, fans and artists can embrace their connection, while entire communities can discuss emerging artists, new tastes in music, and a collective love of music. With endless playlists for every genre, mood, and activity, there is a perfect soundtrack to any moment readily available through SoundCloud.

Play Together

Social media platforms offer imaginative ways to connect people through activities they can replicate together, share, and follow. From physical fitness challenges to dance off competitions, real camaraderie is built digitally, and group activities are created to offset the potential boredom of social distancing. For the millions of individuals that enjoyed competitive gym classes, learning group dances, or engaging in other team activities, social media platforms like Zynn provide a challenging outlet to play together, share experiences, and incite motivation amongst communities to follow suit.

For families, couples, and individuals perusing through trending short-video content, various challenges and trends can spark hours of fun during an otherwise routine day. Since Zynn lends a voice to everyday creators, there is a robust diversity of content available to spark interest. Unlike the case for other platforms, Zynn features entertaining content from creators from all walks of life, including fitness personalities, dancers, and inspiring movers and shakers. The ability for these creators to showcase catchy trick shots, dance moves, and creative at-home exercises lends the perfect medium for interested users to follow in their footsteps. By uploading their own videos in response, users can then become a part of the creative cycle by being seen by users with similar interests, sparking the continuation of play-worthy trends.

Share Moments That Count

While the global COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in vastly limited activity, celebrations, and formal get-togethers, the milestones that incite those celebrations haven’t shuttered. Thus, as individuals deserve recognition and accolades for their accomplishments, sharing the moments that count has simply shifted into the digital sphere. From pregnancy announcements to graduations, milestone moments are occurring for countless individuals. Undeterred by the newly emerged conditions, and determined to forge ahead in life, innovative individuals are finding ways to meaningfully involve loved ones in celebrations virtually, while pivoting their weddings, parties, and gender reveals to adhere to social distancing guidelines. For these individuals, social media platforms provide the opportunity to create lasting memories and share the moments that count.

Short-video apps like Zynn are perfect for sharing stunning visuals with friends, family, loved ones, and entire communities. When a simple text message or singular photo just won’t do, Zynn provides the platform to visually share actual pivotal moments in the lives of users. Capturing the breaking of a pinata to determine the gender of a baby, the vows of a young couple on the verge of creating a lifelong union, or the first moments of a child successfully mastering the bicycle with no training wheels, Zynn allows users to capture the milestone moments that would have previously involved additional participants, and share these moments in a meaningful manner. Not only do friends and loved ones get to visually see these events unfold, and maintain a semblance of a close-knit community, they can interact and communicate with the content, adding to the social factor of the overall experience.

Learn Something New

In the quest to remain connected as a community, many individuals are finding excitement, fulfillment, and fun in learning new skills, mastering various tricks, and engaging in new activities through social media platforms in completely immersive, community-based ways. Creators who share their mastery of a craft, skill, or experience provide learning techniques for viewers eager to follow their tutorials in swift, concise, and easy to understand snippets. Unlike clunky platforms of the past, short-video sharing apps like Zynn allow creators to post entertaining and instructional content without the previous trappings of lengthy and dimly lit photos, or excruciatingly long blog posts. In today’s fast-moving society of makers, the ability to convey instructions visually, in a streamlined and concise way, creates the most impactful instructional content. Thus, Zynn’s user community harnesses the power of this modern instruction via quick lessons on everything under the sun, from nailing the perfect trick shot, to expertly creating bedazzled manicures, and everything in between.

For users seeking community-based instruction, advice, and inspiration in the form of visual and written context, classic apps like Pinterest provide the tools needed to share recipes, DIY home decor tips, and even virtual party ideas. Akin to the digital version of a classic homemade recipe book edited through the years, Pinterest allows users to save their favorite inspiration in neatly organized folders, making it a seamless and easy process to return to projects at any time. For the countless individuals perfecting banana bread recipes during social distancing protocols, Pinterest can be a chef’s best friend.

Through the evolution of social media, many platforms have emerged, bringing content readily available to the masses. This content has evolved and modernized through the years, leveraging the growing and diverse interests of users to add app features, employ professional quality filters, utilize intuitive algorithms to showcase interesting content, and streamline the social media experience to each individual’s bespoke needs. More importantly, however, social media platforms have allowed individuals from all walks of life, along all corners of the world, to remain connected, and foster a community based on interests, passions, and hobbies. Social media has allowed users to share meaningful life moments, despite physical distance limitations, timing, and even the emergence of a global pandemic. It has served as a resource for families looking to engage in fun activities, and as a springboard for creative outlets. Now, innovative apps like Zynn are spearheading the next evolution of short-video sharing, bringing to light the unwavering desire for people to connect digitally. During social distancing and beyond, social media saves the day.